4 ways to make your dream holiday come true

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I long to go on holiday. I dream of the sun beating down and views of turquoise seas and white sand. I think that everyone is suffering with a feeling of wanderlust after a couple of years of highly restricted travel. Here we look at our top 4 ways to make your dream holiday come true.

1. Funds

Most crucially you need to pay for your holiday. How you choose to do this is entirely up to you. Whether you choose to save some of your pay cheque each month until you’ve got the amount required, or you book the holiday with a deposit and make monthly payments until it is paid off or you choose to borrow one way or another. If you’re borrowing you might consider short term loans with a company such as who are a direct lender providing an easy and convenient way to access cash. They supply payday loans to help bridge the income until payday with no hidden costs. will assess your loan application and have fast loan transfer times at the weekend and even on bank holidays. As always when borrowing money it is worth doing your research to find the most affordable option for you.

2. Research

Once you’ve sorted out your finances and worked out what you can comfortably afford you can get started on the fun bit – planning your dream holiday. Think about what is most important to you usually pool or sea, and the distance you wish to be from either of them. Also think about how long you’re prepared to fly for or what kind of transfer would be acceptable. There are so many beautiful islands that are accessible via a ferry boat ride but that might not suit you if you’re a family travelling with young children. If money is limited then you may well find that going off the beaten track slightly would offer you a unique holiday experience to remember.

3. Insurance

It’s not the most interesting part of the holiday planning process but entirely worth spending out on. Travel insurance can literally help you avoid your dream holiday turning into a nightmare.

4. Trips

Research the areas that will be within reach and find the best companies to help you to get the best from your holiday. Why not rent a yacht and crew for the day and experience the celebrity lifestyle for a day.

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