5 games to keep your brain ticking

Ever feel like your brain isn’t working at quite the speed you’re used to? Well you can play some games online on websites and they’ll help to train your brain.

As well as Solitaire games, has loads of other games such as minesweeper, tetra blocks and battleships. You’re sure you find something you like. Here are five of our favourites

1) Spider solitaire

Similiar to standard solitaire, spider solitaire sees you trying to create Royal flushes. You can choose your difficulty rating at either easy, medium or hard. We have to admit, we still found “easy” a challenge to begin with. This game is very engrossing, and we found it a fab option if you want to zone out and forget your worries.

2) Hidden Object – The Palace Hotel

This game is really simple, and actually we had a lot of fun playing it with our kids. All you have to do is find the objects in the picture that are listed at the bottom of the picture. Some are easy, some are more difficult to find. It’s quite satisfying seeing the images disappear off the picture – but they’re replaced with more things to find. Once you find all the objects you get to move onto the next level. This progression kept us hooked for longer than we care to admit!

3) Tetra blocks

We struggle to think of a more absorbing yet simple game as Tetra blocks. Simple fit the falling blocks into rows. As a row is completed, it disappears. The challenge is keeping those rows disappearing so your screen doesn’t get jammed up with the falling blocks. We admit we lost a little bit toooo much time with this game! As the game goes on, the blocks fall faster and faster, but you have to stay calm otherwise you start making mistakes!

4. Nonogram

We liked that this felt a bit creative! You follow a code to fill in the square blanks to create a picture. It’s quite satisfying to see the image slowly come to life. And we found we had to focus so much, we completely forgot our own troubles as we were so totally absorbed. A top tip is to focus on the colours that have long runs and get those filled in first, to beat the clock. This is another game that would be great to play with kids – perhaps slightly older kids of about 7 or 8 would like this one!

5. Match 3 – Treasures of Atlantis

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Candy Crush? This game is a bit like that and will keep you busy for hours. You just have to match three colours in a row by swapping the colours around and they get zapped. Your aim is to get the blocks on the screen to the bottom of the grid. It’s so satisfying when you get a run of zaps in just one move, as all the colours reorder themselves! As with Candy Crush, this game is completely absorbing. We were head down for ages battling with the colours to get them lined up. Each level is timed and you have 25 levels to complete.

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