The Most Profitable Online Business Idea In Nigeria 2020

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Most Profitable Online Business

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most profitable online business in the world because is searching for the internet for one or two information that is very important to their personal life or business, just like you have search for the article you are reading.

If you know any useful information to share with the world, then blogging is for you.

Blogging is also one of the low capital online business, in this business you don’t need to have millions of dollars before you can start.

Blogging is the act of creating useful information on web to help the world.

A good blogger must have writing skills because writing is the major duty of a blogger.


Most Profitable Online Business


A good blogger must be able use laptop to browse, download, type, and other things

A good blogger must specialize on a topic, it can be travel, technology, news, entertainment, football, and other useful topics. it is advisable to focus in one inch(Topic)

It is necessary to learn about blogging before you jump into it, this will allow you to know the do and don’t of the business, it will also help you to go straight and do the right thing most people fail before they start making money or getting large audience because they did not know what to do at the first place, make sure you learn from the professionals, because they will teach you the right thing so that you will not fail at the beginning like them.

You can start blogging with different platforms but I recommend

1. Blogger (Google Product)

2. WordPress

3. Wix

these platform is good and have better quality than other, try this platform if you want to create your blog.

You can learn by searching YouTube or Google search it is advisable to use YouTube because it will be more easier to understand than Google search, because it will be practical.

You can search for these keyboards on YouTube

How to start Blogging

How to start blogging with Blogger

How to start blogging with WordPress

How to start make money from blogging

How to create blog using Wix

The only way to money making in blogging is advertisement, you will start earning when you start display advertisement on your blog.

There are different advertisement some are

PPC meaning Pay Per Click

this means that they will pay you for each advertisement click you get on your website

CPA meaning Cost Per Action

In CPA they will pay you based on the action of your audience it can be data entry, video watching or game, even survey.

Affiliate marketing you can market any product from Clickbank on your blog

You can apply and run different advertisement on your blog examples are

Examples of PPC pay per click

Google AdSense


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one the list of the most profitable online business in the world, this business should be at the number one because you don’t need any capital before you can start this business.

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling others people product and get commission per each sales, this business is very easy and simple, all you have to is to pick the product and advertise it to those who need and likely interested to buy, you just need little money to spend on advertisement so that the product will get to the people quickly, easily, and also help you to target the right people because you can be marketing a brasserie to the man, you need to have a targeted people that need the particular product you are marketing.

You can start affiliate marketing business with

there are many affiliate marketing website out there but most of them are not trusted, you can start your affiliate marketing business with these websites because they are trusted by millions of affiliate marketer around the world.


Commission Junction



Start your affiliate marketing career with those websites above and you will not regret your action.

Before you jump into this business, if is important to learn how to be successful in this business, learn from professional in the industry, you can watch videos about Affiliate Marketing on your YouTube, you can search for these keywords on YouTube.

How to start Affiliate Marketing

How to be a Successful In Affiliate Marketer

How to make $1000 On Clickbank

How to make $5,000 per day on Clickbank

How to earn money on Clickbank

How to make money on jumia(FOR NIGERIANS)

How to make money on Konga(FOR NIGERIANS)

How to make money on commission junction


Every business need proper planning before starting, you must draw a good and accurate plan for your business, then it is also important that you follow your business plan, because if you have good business plan and you failed to follow then you are ready to loss your business.

Advertisement is also one of the most important aspect in every business either is offline business or online business, you need to tell and let the people know about your product or service, this will make it easy for you to make sale, don’t be afraid to spend money on advertisement.

Thirdly make sure you produce quality product or quality service.

You must work hard as a blogger and affiliate marketer because you have a lot of competitor those who are already in the business and also those who are learning when you are learning, hardworking and intelligent is needed so that you can be successful in the business.




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