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Final episode.
As he came down from the car, everywhere became silent.
He looked just the same except that he had grown more taller and handsome.
But his face remained the same.
Our eyes locked immediately for a long time.
He walked silently and slowly towards us and stood before me.
“Nnena’,he called,so passionately.
I brought down July from my arms and looked at with through teary eyes.
“Joshua”,I called out his complete name in a whisper.
Tiffany and her mother stared at each other and looked back at us.
Josh hugged me quietly but so thight.
“How could you have done that to me?
You put me through agony for the past few years.
You should have come back to me before now”,Josh said.
I withdrew myself from him and looked at his face.
“I didn’t come back for you…I never even thought I’d see you here…I only came to pick my daughter.
I know she must be with you,please bring her for her sister can’t stay without her”,I said and saw the confused expression come quickly to his face.
“What do you mean by that…and by the way… what’s happening here?
Why is Stella being held that way?’,Josh asked, pointing at Stella and sister Eunice.
“She’s trying to get away after her demonic acts.
Just as much as I thought,Nnena.
She did not actually bring Jane to her father!
She took her else where and tried to play tricks on us”,sister Eunice said, holding her more thightly.
My head exploded into tiny sparks from paper works.
I took a sharp look at Stella who fell on her knees.
“Please,tell me where you’ve taken my child to.
Please,tell me…I won’t do anything to you… please,just bring my daughter now”,I said going close to her when Josh drew me back and snuggled me to himself, calming me down.
“Am so sorry…Nnena! I never knew it would turn out like this!
I did not take Jane anywhere.
Jane is right here”, Stella said in a shaky voice, pointing towards the door.
I hurriedly looked at the door too and looked back at Stella.
“She is inside?”,I asked.
“Yes…after being cheeked up and treated by the doctor,she fell asleep… she’s inside the room”, Stella said.
“We have to go and get her…. sister Eunice”,I said.
Sister Eunice and I were about entering the house with Josh when Tiffany madly blocked the way, fiercely.
“No!No way… she’s now my daughter!
How can Miranda be your daughter?
This is not possible…tell it’s not happening…please, don’t take her away from me… please”,Tiffany shouted still blocking the way.
I felt like slapping the daylight out of her as I stared at her.
“What prove do you need again apart from her twin, standing here?
Please,let me have my child and get outta here”,I said, losing every temper in me.
“You are a just a crazy naive bitch who is so desperate to take people’s joy away.
Go to hell,Nnena.. you can never have her back”, Tiffany barked at me and I totally lost it.
I moved directly to her and gave her two non-stop dirty slaps that re sounded all over the compound.
It actually threw her off balance as she fell against the door.
I ignored the shook on her face and pointed at her face.
“It’s better you get out of the way now or you will find it amazing at what am going to do to you!”,I screamed at her and Just then,the door opened and Jane sprinted out.
“July!”,she cried and ran to embrace Jane.
The twin girls hugged and I bent down with them.
Josh began stammering as he stared at them.
“Twins….my kids?”,Josh asked.
Tiffany bent down and had a good cry.
She stood up and ran inside the house.
“Tiffany! Tiffany!’,madam Magret shouted and went after her.
I looked at the happy faces of the twin girls.
“There… that is your father”,I told them and they stared up at Josh.
Josh bent down too and hugged them both.
“Oh my God ..I can’t believe this is happening… thank you God…”,Josh murmured, hugging the children.
Sister Eunice smiled at me and I smiled back but there was something still on my mind.
“Josh…I think it’s time we leave.
I can’t stay here”,I said.
When Josh looked at my face,the look in his eyes made me stop talking.
He stood up in one swift movement.
“If you really leave me again this time,then I will really die.
If you leave me alone taking this lovely kids with you…I will hang myself”,Josh threatened with reddish eyes.
I was alarmed as I stared at him,then looked at sister Eunice who smiled and nodded.
We arrived at Josh’s house after sister Eunice left with Stella, promising me she would get severally punished.
I thanked the kind lady before parting ways with her.
This was how I got to be again with my Josh.
His house was of a great design I can not explain.
He took me to our bedroom and showed me everything.
Jane and July had their own room where toys and everything were stored inside.
I was overjoyed that my life could change within a twinkle of an eye.
Three weeks later, we’ve gone shopping for our clothes and other things needed and I had a new full wardrobe to myself.
I also got to realize that I gave birth to princesses by the time I started wearing them expensive clothes.
The night Josh put his ting on my finger and proposed to me,Madam Magret and Tiffany came to apologise.
She apologized for all the things she’s done to me and all the pains she caused me.
Madam Magret also apologized for turning deaf ear to all my sufferings and pleaded to make peace with me.
Who am I to say no?
That was my mother in law talking and my sister in law too.
That night we made peace and became one family.
Tiffany really loved the twins so much and always takes them to stay with her and her husband during weekends and just one week to my wedding,Tiffany took in.
The day of our wedding came, bright and clear.
And surprisingly,all the sisters and even head sister Lizzie came to Grace the occasion.
The only person I did not see was Stella.
She had also left the orphanage for somewhere I don’t know but she sent a letter.
The wedding was one in town.
They had July and Jane dressed in their own little wedding gowns and they looked so adorable that every one who came to the wedding took their pictures.
Soon,the wedding was over and Josh became my own wedded husband.
Nine months later,I took in again while Tiffany gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
She felt on top of the world.
The baby was named Jason.
I also gave birth to a baby boy after another nine months.
Six years later,I was in my room, ransacking a particular drawer when I came in contact with a letter already full of dust.
I dusted it and looked at it very well then smiled.
Stella’s letter.
I couldn’t get to read it all this while and it was the reason I actually started to remember the past.
I read the contents and was moved greatly by what she wrote.
A particular line,”you are a friend I never had and I really had it in mind to help you” really got me.
She didn’t state her whereabouts but I wished her a happy fulfilled life just like mine.
I was finishing the last page when my children bounced in from school, talking loud.
“I know you already have a crush on Dan!’,Jane said to July as they came to meet me.
“Watch it, Jane! Or I will make you yell”,July yelled, feigning to be angry.
I smiled at them as they greeted me.
I carried up my son, Jonathan and pecked him while July peeped into the letter on my laps.
“What’re you reading,mum?”,she asked.
I smiled at them.
“Well….let’s just say it is a soothing letter from the past”,I said and stood up.
“Now let’s go shower up before daddy returns,hmm?”,I said and we went out of the room, scooting and laughing.
So,I guess it is a case of all is well that ends well.

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  1. Hmm… Happy ending… But she should have returned home, to her father and mother and reconcile with them


  3. Josh hugged me quietly but so thight.
    “How could you have done that to me?
    You put me through agony for the past few years.
    You should have come back to me before now”,Josh said.

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