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I pushed again.
This time,the second one came out more easily.
I could not believe I was going to be having twins.
An hour later,I was moved to another room while my new babies were being attended to by Stella and sister Eunice.
Everyone was perplexed as they were all looking at my twin girls.
At my age,it was a miracle that I had them without complications and Operation.
I was also confused.
What will i offer these beautiful kids in such an environment with such situations?
I was dazed.
Should I return to Josh and tell him about this?
He promised me nothing was wrong.
He promised me he loved me….why not go back to him?
But no.
What if he also believed his mother and sister for their frame up?
I began to cry endlessly.
I cried till my twins were brought to me.
Stella carried one of them while sister Benita carried the other one.
They looked at me as I cried.
‘With this lovely children God has given you…why are you crying?’,sister Benita asked.
I looked at the tiny babies which has been layed in my both side on the bed.
I looked at sister Eunice.
‘What do I offer them in this place,sister?
Just what?
In such an environment…how do you expect me to be happy I gave birth…not even one,but two!
I’ve sinned heavily against this kids by bringing them into this painful world.
What do I do?’,I cried.
Stella’s eyes was also filled with tears as they stared at me.
Two days later,I named the girls July and Janet.
It was really a hard time for me as I had to work everyday and also take care of the kids.
I told sister Eunice I wanted to leave the orphanage home and she told me the head sister would never allow it until the kids come of age.
I wanted to go out there and do everything in my power to survive with my kids.
I had no option but to stay.
Sister Benita always cheeked up on the twins every one week for tests to ensure they were healthy.
One night after the days work and after I have breastfeeded the twins and put them to sleep,Stella engaged me in a discussion.
‘Those girls are very identical…I hope you can now differentiate them very well.
Even though they look alike,I think Jane will be more sharper than July’,Stella said as she yawned.
I only smiled.
“I think that’s true but I only hope they don’t suffer like me in the nearest future’,I said as Stella looked at me.
‘Stop thinking that way, Nnena.
Tommorow is a brighter and another day.. that is what I’ve learnt from this orphanage.
Don’t loose hope’,Stella told me.
‘But we can’t stay here forever…we have to go out there and work!’,I said bluntly.
Stella nodded.
‘You are right on that one but the age limit here is long.
We still have some years to decide whether we leave or stay…by then,I pray we get someone who will adopt or marry us’,Stella said and I looked amazed at her.
I only laughed.
What a nice day dreaming.
Where does that ever happen?
Four years later,July and Janet had started talking,walking and doing things children could do.
My daughters were the most beautiful and sharp.
But everyday,I cry.
They looked skinny and always go hungry due to lack of proper care.
I had to depend on the sisters of the orphanage home.
I was already planning to run away from the orphanage in order to get something doing to cater for my kids before they die of hunger.
Another mind told me to run back to my original home but remembering the things I went through in that house and what my father trued to do,I killed a thought of going there empty handed.
If I have to go there,I promised myself I would go in my own car.
Three weeks after their fourth birthday,I was in our room,combing July and Jane’s hair after they returned from the orphanage school when Jane complained of hunger.
‘Mummy…am hungry…we did not even eat much last night and our aunty said there is nothing to eat till evening’,she said as I lowered the comb,heart broken.
What do I do?
I was old enough by then…I have to take action.
Just as I was still thinking of what to do, Stella came in informing me that the head
sister was calling me in her office.
I felt somehow because it was strange for her to call me.
She hasn’t spoken to me that much since I’ve given birth.
When I got to her office,she was sitting down on her chair.
I greeted her and she asked me to sit down.
I sat down,as I listened to what she was about to say.
‘ have to listen good to what am about to say’,she started as I listened attentively.
She came forward on her chair.
‘Dont look at me as someone who doesn’t have a conscience because I don’t have a kid of my own.
Having those twins with you is only a burden to you…Nnena,you have to be wise even though it’s going to be risky on you.
You have to take the risk’,she said quietly to me.
I looked at her, confused.
“What are you try… trying to say?’,I asked her.
‘An influental couple arrived this afternoon.
They want a little girl for adoption who is very healthy and brave with the complete wisdom of a human being.
Nnena,this is an opportunity to make something out of life.
Instead of allowing those kids to suffer with you…Nnena…give one of them out for adoption….
# To_be_continued

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