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I thought of what to do about it.
Would they even allow me to continue staying in the orphanage?
I knew the only person I’ve opened myself to was Josh and Josh alone.
He was responsible for my pregnancy.
I thought of going back to the house to make the pregnancy known but thinking about the way they framed me up,I was scared fir my life and my unborn child.
The only option I had was to beg for shelter in the orphanage.
Two weeks later,the Rev.sister in charge of our room found put I was pregnant.
We were eight girls in the room and only one of them whose name was Stella always talked to me.
Others were just like Tiffany, claiming seniors and first comers.
Sister Eunice,took me to the head sister’s office as soon as she found out about my pregnancy.
After telling her about it,the head sister’s looked at me.
‘You were pregnant before you came here?’,she asked me.
I nodded as she breathed in.
‘Firstly,you will have to visit the clinic,then we will put you into a great care until you give birth’,she said.
I was immediately relieved.
At least,I wasn’t going to leave.
Three months later,my belly became fully round with a baby kicking inside me.
My body changed,even my colour changed to something different entirely.
Stella became a big help to me for most time,I was always weak to do anything by myself.
I cried all night for God’s intervention,the way the sisters told us to do.
I became strong in prayer.
Three months later,I went into labour.
Being my first,it was so hard I thought I would never survive it.
I was rushed to the clinic in the company of Sister Eunice,Stella and another sister.
Sister Benita was in charge of delivering the baby for me.
I screamed and screamed.
It was like I was going through hell.
They layed me on the bed and even had to force me because I grew stubborn at a time.
Endure this…you will pass through this!’,Stella pleaded with me as I went in pain.
‘No,Stella…I don’t think I can endure this!
Am going to die of pain,please help me or just kill me!
Sister Eunice,please help me!’,I cried.
Stella and sister Eunice held down my hand and stuffed my mouth with a piece of clean clothes while they forcefully patted my legs,using wrappers to cover me.
I refused to push when Sister Benita ordered me to push.
I only cried the more till everyone got tired of me.
‘Nnena.. do you really want to end your life like this?
Do you know what this baby is going to become?
Look, Nnena…your future is bright…bright
er than the sky up there.
You will overcome all pains…. just please,do as I say and push.
Nnena…please push’,Sister Benita said gently to me.
The passion in her voice drove some strength into me.
I closed my eyes shut and gave my first push with a cry.
‘Yes,Nnena!You are making it!
Your are getting there… push!!’,sister Benita shouted again.
Her words gave me a large sense if comfort as I pushed again,this time.. harder.
Stella continued patting my hand, encouraging me like never before.
I gave my third push a long and hard one and as I stopped to breath in,i felt something drop out of me and the cry of a baby circulated the whole room.
I was bleeding so badly that i myself,I thought I would die.
I breathed in heavily, thinking everything was over.
‘You made it!You made it,Nnena!Its a baby girl!’,Stella shouted as I smiled tiredly and collapsed on to the bed when Sister Benita shouted.
It’s not over yet…there is still one more coming…..
# To_be_continued .

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