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A teacher for our first lesson of the day came into the class and everything died down.
But occasionally, Tiffany and her friends always glanced at me.
During break, I went out a snack which I could only afford.
As I sat down at the cafeteria table to eat my snacks,a boy slides beside me.
‘Hi…guess you are new here’,he said even before I looked at his face.
I let my gaze meet his and smiled a little although uncomfortable.
‘Yes…’,I stammered.
I stole a quick glance at him.
He was dark and cute with afro Jerry curl.
He actually looked like a prince.
‘So, what’s your name?’,he asked, looking at me.
I was about to reply when footsteps were heard behind me.
‘Just take a look!
You are already fletting with Jonathan?’, Tifanny asked, coming with her friends.
‘What do you mean by that?’,I asked, confused because I was getting so impatient with her already.
The boy who was Jonathan smiled as he looked at Tiffany.
‘Are you kidding me, Fannie?
Just because we are so close doesn’t mean I can’t talk to other girls…come on,get a grip?’, Jonathan said, amused.
‘You can actually talk with any other girl but not with this thing!’, Tifanny said, referring to me.
I closed my eyes in anger.
What I badly wanted to do was slap her but I held down my anger.
‘Why would you call her a thing?’, Jonathan asked as he looked at me.
Before Tiffany could speak any more provoking word,I stood up and rushed out not listening to the rest of the conversation.
This was how I lived my life till the end of the term when it was time to bring our results
I did marvelously well and took the teacher’s best remark of the term.
Tiffany was disappointed by her teachers who were paid for her exams and she failed.
Mr Wilson was on fire the day he saw our results.
‘Have you seen it?
Have you seen it or not!
Tiffany is just falling ignorantly into your over protective wings.
Just look at their results!
Nnena just bagan schooling there and without the help of expo,she passed all her papers….have you seen it?’,Mr Wilson thundered before going upstairs.
I was in my room, thinking about the harsh treatment I was going to receive from mother and daughter after Mr Wilson will go for work when Tiffany batched into my room in fury.
‘How dare you, Nnena?
How just dare you trying to bring enemity between me and my dad!’,she screamed at me.
This time,I had to defend myself.
I stood up, boldly facing her.
‘I am not bringing enemity to anybody, Tiffany.
It is not my fault that you did not make your father proud.
It is not my fault that you allowed someone else to make him proud’,I said.
Her eyes widened in pure anger.
‘What did you just say?’,she asked and almost immediately,a sound slap followed and landed badly on my left face.
I gasped a sharp air at the pain i felt.
I looked sharply at her, holding my cheek.
‘I will tell you only one thing this night,Nnena.
You can enjoy all this while it last but bear it in mind that you won’t further your education here in my house…in my presence…you are going,Nnena.
Going back to the slums where you belong”,she said in a hard voice and looked at me,then stormed out.
I found tears of anger…tears of determination streaming down my chubby cheeks as I sat back on my bed.
What is life?
The next two years,I entered the next class which was ss2.
Luckily for me,Tiffany’s class was now different.
I happened to be in the same class now as Josh, Tiffany’s brother.
Within the few years, we’ve grown fond of each other.
This further irritated Tiffany.
She accused me of stealing her brother’s attention and taking away her father’s love.
During second term in school ss2,Josh and i began dating secretly.
I was no longer afraid of madam Magret’s threat and her method of starving me after a hectic work in the because I now got all I needed from Josh,my first boyfriend.
By now,I’ve grown into a full woman with every curves at the right places.
By then,I knew what every teenagers supposed to know.
One afternoon,after returning from school,I sneaked into Josh’s room to eat the food he must have kept for me before doing my chores.
Josh was already back from school.
We did not get back together because I had to wait for extra lesson.
He was sitting on the bed, removing his school shirt when I came in, quietly.
‘Why so quiet?”,he asked, smiling at me.
‘Of course I have to be careful…I don’t want any one to see me here in your room…you know what that means,right?
We will be busted and I will be kicked out of this house’,I said, bringing down my bag.
Josh smiled and pulled me closer and making me seat on his laps.
“I will never allow that to happen because I will never know how to do without you.
Do you know you are so beautiful?,he said and I smiled at him.
He brought his head closer and his lips met mine.
That was the fourth time we would be kissing if am not losing count.
We’ve promised each other to abstain from sex till the right time.
Josh and I were lost in our little romance forgetting we did not even lock the door.
He unbuttoned my shirt and pulled off my shirt.
The romance was getting hot when the door suddenly opened wide with no fore warnings and with no sound down the stairs.
I frozed in Josh’s arms.
Am dead…dead for good…..

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242 Replies to “THE MAID (NNENA ) (EPISODE 6)

  1. I thought I was going to be buried alife….for being caught in bed with Josh.
    But it wasn’t so……
    ‘Oh boy…what are you doing!’,an amused voice boomed out,as I quickly wore my shirt.
    Standing at the door way was,Pius, Josh’s best friend.
    The race of my heart beat almost killed me.
    I was ashamed and relieved at the same time.
    I quickly got out of bed, dressed hurriedly and left the room gently as ever.
    I was unable to hear what was being said as I rushed to my room.
    The next day was a Saturday and school free day and also a restless day for me.
    I started with moping the kitchen.
    I packed all the dirty dishes in to the sink and on the tap,while also putting up something for breakfast for the family.
    I was arranging the cutleries in the rightful places when Tiffany entered the kitchen.
    She was just waking up and still wearing her pyjamas.
    I pretended not to see her as she stood before me.
    ‘Nnena,look up…are you blind?
    Even if you can’t greet… can’t you at least show some manners?’, Tiffany asked, folding her arms.
    ‘I don’t seem to get what you are driving at…the best thing for you,I think it’s silence’,I said as Tiffany sneered at me.
    ‘Talk back a million times if you can.
    I don’t need to stress myself on you again because your days in this house are limited.
    I want you to go into my room now and pack out all the clothes in the basket for laundry’,she said as I looked at her.
    ‘Am still busy here in the kitchen with the dishes.
    One step after another…I will do that when it’s time comes’,I said and continued doing what I was doing.
    Tiffany laughed amused.
    ‘Wait…have you suddenly gone nut?
    Am telling you to go into my room and do something..and you are saying another thing.’,she asked with her voice raised so high.
    I was about to talk when Josh cane in, interrupting us.
    ‘She told you she still have something doing here in the kitchen.
    If you are so impatient…why don’t you do it yourself?’,he asked, standing by the door.
    Tiffany looked at her brother straight in the eyes, daring him.
    ‘It is obvious that this witch has turned you against me.
    You never meddled with the way I give orders then why her…why she!
    What exactly is between you two that is making you see your only sister as an enemy!’, Tiffany shouted furiously.
    Josh only stared at her.
    ‘You keep misquoting me, Fannie but I don’t even care.
    All I know is that you should try giving people some space to breath, understood?’,Josh asked and looked at me before going out.
    I awaited her to vent her anger on me but she did nothing.
    She only looked at me with a revengeful look and left the kitchen.
    I breathed in some air of relief.
    One more year later,I was out of secondary school.
    I was happy at the best marks on the report card.
    I collected my certificate with the help of Mr Wilson and felt so happy to know a kind make like him..
    Although Tiffany passed,her result wasn’t as good as mine.
    Josh was already processing for his higher education when it all happened.
    Three nights after we passed out from school,Josh and I had sex and I broke my virginity.
    At first,I was embarrassed and hurt but he reminded me of his love and promised never to leave me.
    He assured me nothing was wrong and I felt myself relaxing.
    Then two months later, something terrible happened… something I will never forget in a jiffy.
    I had heard them,both mother and daughter murmuring some words to each other as I went about my chores that particular day.
    I was also in a happy mood because it was weekend and Mr Wilson was coming back few hours from that time.
    Josh was yet to come back from his tutorials.
    When it was something close to 3pm,I went into the kitchen to prepare an early dinner for Mr Wilson and Josh.
    I was dishing out the meal when Mr Wilson’s car drove into the compound.
    I carried the tray of food and took it into the dinning room.
    I placed it on the table and went back into the kitchen to get some drinks.
    I was coming out of the kitchen when I met Tiffany coming out too from the dinning.
    Her reaction was quite uneasy.
    She only stared at me and pushed passed me.
    I looked back at her and stopped,feeling strange but I waved it off.
    ‘Welcome,sir!’,I greeted Mr Wilson as I collected his brief case.
    He smiled at me and patted my shoulder.
    ‘Everywhere is smelling so yummy…what did you cook?’,Mr Wilson asked as he went into the sitting room.
    I was about to reply when his wife,madam Magret came out to meet him.
    They hugged.
    ‘Welcome, darling’, she greeted as she stared at me and looked away.
    ‘What of the kids…my children?’,Mr Wilson asked.
    ‘Oh, Fannie is in her room and Josh is yet to he back from his tutorial’,madam Magret answered.
    Mr Wilson went into his room and had his bath.
    Then,came down for breakfast.
    I was already in the dinning, putting the food in order when he cane in.
    He sat down as I put a load of salad in front of him.
    He sipped a mouthful of the orange juice beside the food and grabbed his spoon.
    Just as he digged it inside the food, Tiffany and her mother batched into the room.
    Hold on,dad!
    Daddy,please don’t eat that!!
    The food is already poisoned!’, Tiffany shouted.
    I felt my head swinging at what I heard.
    I could see my world collapsing and tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.
    Mr Wilson looked up at them.
    ‘What do you mean by that?’,he asked.
    ‘Please,Wilson stand up from there right now!
    This witch in disguise has poisoned your food’,nadam Magret said.
    I couldn’t talk.
    I did not even get myself because it seemed suddenly as if my brain has already been brainwashed.
    “What…what are you guys talking about?’,I asked when I finally found my voice.
    The look of ‘Tiffany,why?’ became evident in my eyes as I stared at Tiffany while the tears rushed up.
    I totally understood what was going on.
    I finally understood that my life has been set up for worst by mother and daughter.
    “What are you saying,Mag!
    Nnena will never do such a thing!’,Mr Wilson fired hitly as he stood up.
    ‘Daddy,there is no need to shout…there is just only one way to find out’, Tiffany said as she stared at me with the look of ‘I told you your days in my house are limited.
    Tiffany carried the food as we followed her to the back yard by the lower stairs.
    There,one of their dogs was laying down.
    Mr Wilson’s eyes has grown wide with anticipation.
    Tiffany dropped the food on the ground in front of the dog and we all watched.
    I was already crying in my heart.
    Who will I turn to?
    Where will I go to?
    After the dog finished eating the salad,it went limp after two minutes.
    It vomited blood and died instantly.
    Mr Wilson almost fell as he stared at the dead dog in shoock.
    He quietly looked at me through painful eyes.
    ‘Nnena…why?’, was all he could say.
    I could not even defend myself.
    The tears only came down in a flow of a river.
    I really cried a river.
    I was done for as I fell on my knees.
    What need was it to defend myself when the whole facade is to this extent.
    ‘You evil witch!
    You want to kill my husband for me?
    If he had listened to me,his wife…he wouldn’t have been in such a danger.
    Get up there…pack your things and leave this house!’,Madam Magret shouted at me as she went inside.
    Mr Wilson turned around and walked slowly back into the building.
    Tiffany stood looking at me, smiling like a winner.
    ‘Get ready to leave… loser’,she said to me and walked out of my presence.
    My only regret was that I was not going to see Josh before I leave the house.
    As I packed my things that day,the only place I had in my to go and stay was the orphanage home.
    I never knew about it before but now I know.
    I went very far away from the town and boarded a bus to another part of the country entirely.
    My only joy was my school certificate with the best marks in it.
    I finally found an orphanage home to stay although I know I will only suffer.
    The Rev. sisters accepted me.
    By then,I was heading to the age of 18.
    I had to sleep in a hall where different insects toyed around with.
    It was that very night I began having the symptoms.
    I didn’t wanted to believe it but that very night….I found out I was already three months pregnant……
    # To_Be_Continued .
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