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‘Guess what,guys!!
We have a new student among us and do you know where she comes from?
Well,I will tell you…she is from a cow’s dunk and being that am so so so kind hearted and nice…I decided to take her in as my maid… welcome,Nnena!’.
I prayed the ground would open up and swallow me as Tiffany stood in front of the class, introducing me in such a manner.
All eyes turned to look at me where I was sitting down at the third row in the second seat.
I was wearing a moftiof blue skirt and black top which was brought by Mr Wilson.
Two days ago before I started schooling at St Jones Royal,he took me to the mall and brought me losts of things.
Immediately Mr Wilson left for work, madam Magret had everything seized up except for few casual wears one of which
I wore to school that very day which was my first day in the school.
As she introduced me that day most of the kids started laughing.
‘Oh,what a pretty good maid’.
‘I think we should call her maid Nnena!’.
‘Please,get your maid to change her name to something better…she is staining our reputation with such local name!’.
These were part of the comments that were being heard that day.
I ignored them all.
Instead,I brought out my bag and started listing my name on the new notes.
‘We are talking to you newbie…come out and introduce yourself to the class”,Tiffany said,as she came to my front, tapping my desk.
I looked up at her and continued what I was doing.
“Didn’t you hear me?”,Tiffany said,folding her arms.
‘Come on, Fannie….just let her be if she doesn’t want to introduce herself…if I were her,I wouldn’t even dare come out…not with the way you introduced me?’,a girl beside me who was my desk mate said.
Tiffany turned her furry towards her.
‘Oh you shut up, Kim!Who was talking to a pumpkin like you?’,Tiffany asked mockingly.
Kim looked at her and looked at away, waving her head.
Tiffany looked at me as I stared back at her.
‘And as for you,better be warned.
Am the cheerleader of this class’s club and am also the captain…I could get you grounded…so you better obey me or I will do what am supposed to do to punish a law breaker’,Tiffany said.
I got tired of keeping quiet and looked at her, furiously.
I was about talking when her brother,Josh,
came in to see the scene at the right time.
‘What are you doing,Tiffany?he asked, coming closer.
Tiffany stood straight and turned towards him.
“What does it look like am doing…am trying to be nice by letting her introduce herself to the class before lessons but she is pushing it away… isn’t she breaking the class rules?’,Tifanny asked, gesturing to her mates.
Josh breathed in and looked at his sister.
‘Tiffany,will you please just go and sit down?’,he asked his expression deep
Tiffany looked at her brother and let put an amused expression.
‘Wait,Josh…you can’t just come into my class and order me around that way…thus isn’t home’, Tiffany said, staring daggers at her brother.
Josh looked at me and seemed to talk with me with his eyes because I could spell the look of apology in his face.
Please,forgive her for the public disgrace.
I looked away as my mind drifted to what happened between me and Josh last night.
I was taking my bath when suddenly he came into the bathroom,dancing with headphones in his ears.
Because of the headphones,he couldn’t here the shower running and thought no one was inside.
He came in and saw my full nakedness.
I quickly covered my fresh growing breasts so embarrassed.
He quickly explained, removing the headphones but did not quite leave on time.
He stared at me again before leaving the bathroom.
Why on Earth did he stare like that…I never knew I had a great body of a model.
We avoided each other till that morning and from that very day,things started to changee between us.
So, that morning,I stared at him as I remembered the way he stared.
Even as the row between them continued right there in the class,I was looking at Josh and thinking about the way he stared.
There was something I read in one of the romantic novels I got to sneak into my room..I recalled it as love.
Is this also happening to me just like it happened between Matt and Lizzie in the story.
God…I was still only 14 then but certainly… something was going on between us two recently…..
# To_be_continued

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