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‘What is happening here?’, madam Magret asked as she came in.
I quickly grabbed my mopping stick, pretending to be so busy.
“Oh, nothing mum… Nnena and I were only talking’, Tiffany said, looking at me.
‘Alright dear..I came to tell you to be fast for school or else you will go late again’,madam Magret said and left.
I could not believe she did not see the bottles or was she turning a blind eye to it?
I decided I won’t meddle with Tiffany’s affairs or neither join her in her bad habit.
As I came downstairs, going back to my own room,I heard loud voices belonging to madam Magret and Mr Wilson,her husband.
I went nearer as I sensed everything was not alright.
‘I dare you to put that girl in school,Wil’,I heard madam Magret’s loud voice.
I was a little bit perplexed.
Which girl were they talking about?
“I don’t need your go ahead to do what I want,Mag…I am the man if this house and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it’,Mr Wilson’s voice was even higher than his wife.
I was surprised his voice was this high compared to his gentle nature.
But wait..what are they talking about?
I listened again.
‘Wil,what actually made you even think of sending that stranger to school with Pur only daughter?!’,madam Magret shouted.
I stood at that spot, perplexed.
Mr Wilson… thinking of sending me to school?
‘Listen,May…If you were in her shoes… wouldn’t you have liked to be sent to school?
With the story she told me about her family…I felt for her because when I was also little…I experienced similar thing!
It was by the mercy of the merciful that I went to school and you were able to marry me!’,Mr Wilson said.
Fast tears welled up in my eyes.
What a man.
I would not want to get caught spying on the couples.
I turned to go as madam Magret’s voice reached my ears again.
‘How will you do it??
Just how!
Look,let me tell you something…Nne
na…or whatever doesn’t even know about school..what did you even see inside her!’,Madam Magret shouted again.
I closed my eyes in pain as I listened to Mr Wilson’s reply.
‘I see brilliance in her…a bright future.
I see a child who badly needs support in life not like our own daughter who wants to get the teacher paid for her exams!’,Mr Wilson voiced out.
I feared the next thing to come as I could not hear madam Magret’s voice.
‘Are you now insulting our daughter because of that wrench!’, madam Magret shouted.
‘Mag..please,let this rest..I don’t want to make issues out of this…I’ve made my decision.
Nne will join Fanny in school by next term’,Mr Wilson said.
As I turned around to leave,I came face to face Tiffany.
I flinched at the evil look on her face.
She looked like a she devil as she stared at me.
She must have heard everything too.
‘You think all that is being said in there is gonna come to real?
Well,don’t jubilate yet….I will make you suffer till you quit.
Types like you don’t attend our royal school.
We don’t ever bear your stupid local dirty name.
My dad even praised you and insulted me because of you?
Haa….enjoy it while it last,loser…I will make you see hell till you quit…till you run….I will make you see hell’.
She was my age mate…yes,I was not supposed to be afraid by her threats but the look in her eyes…the sound in her voice… wasn’t coming from the girl standing before me.
It was sounding like something from the queen of coast in hell..and I trembled like a leaf as I saw the rest if my life far away…like dark ciders….
# To_be_continued

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