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I took the basket of clothes to the laundry room and set to work.
When Tiffany noticed what was wondering wrong with me,she brought me a pad and taught me how to use it but not without insults.
I found madam Magret as someone who leaves somebody at another person’s mercy.
She doesn’t seem to talk to Tiffany and tell her to treat me with some respect too.
The family were greatly influental.
I was taken to my new room by Tiffany’s brother who still had soft expression for me.
“Isn’t this place too dark and stuffy?’,he asked me.
‘Not at all…I can sleep comfortably now
I got to meet her father by weekend.
He was a very gentle and nice man who worked outside the country.
He accepted me as if he had known me all his life.
That night when I wanted to go and make her bed, Tiffany stared at me as she folded her arms.
‘You think because you are highly welcomed by my dad…you can do whatever you like?
Look…you are still under surveillance,ok
We don’t know where you come from or who you are although you told us about what happened to you but we can’t just believe you just like that’,she said to me.
I merely looked at her and continued what I was doing.
“Nnena or whatever…am talking to you!”, Tiffany suddenly said again.
I looked at her,the question evident in my face.
What else am I supposed to say?
‘I heard you when you stopped talking but what do you want me to say to you?’,I asked her.
She waved me off.
‘Just get done with that and leave my room’,she responded, turning away.
I hurried up with what I was doing and left the room.
I walked slowly to my own room at the back yard.
It was situated at the end room of the backyard.
I entered the room and turned on the switch.
I flinched back as I saw Tiffany’s brother sitting on my bed and grinning at me.
‘Why are you so scared.. it’s me’,he said standing up.
‘But..but what do you want?
You should be in your room’,I stammered, feeling so uneasy.
He walked to me and stood before me then put his arm on my shoulder.
‘I want us to be best of friends…I don’t seem to like the way my sister orders you around…for crying out loud you might even be older than her’,he said.
I did not get the say anything.
I only bowed down my head.
When he left,I didn’t really thought about all he said.
The next morning,my first bus stop was Tiffany’s room.
Immediatly I opened her door,a great odour of alcohol and cigarettes hit me like a thunderbolt.
I gasped for air at the unbelievable smell.
Is Tiffany…?
I covered my nose with my hand and entered further into the room.
I heard her shower running.
She was taking her bath.
Her shelf was full with shades from cigarette stick.
On the foot of her bed was two bottles of champagne.
I could not believe it.
On her bed was her school uniform and at the foot of her bed was her sandals.
I did not know what to do as I stood with the mop and bucket which I was carrying with me.
I heard her talking on phone and went closer to listen.
‘Oh,come on Jude…you know well that my mum will get my teachers payed for my results….I can’t come and be wasting my precious time writing any stupid exams.
Yes,I will stop by at your house for some refreshments’.
I heard her say and then she cut the call,as she continued her shower.!
Jude must be her boyfriend.
I thought to myself.
What was the word turning into?
Tiffany… smoking??
Her bathroom door opened and she came out tying a white towel.
She looked a little shoocked when she saw me.
‘I thought I closed…the door.
How did you get in?’,she asked me.
‘The door was open…so I came in to clean up your room’,I said calmly.
She looked around her room and looked at me.
‘You want to try some of the cigarettes?’,she asked and laughed when she saw the look on my face.
‘We can only become friends…I will even allow mum get you a school only if you can keep this a secret and join me’, Tiffany said as I stared at her.
‘What do you mean by that?’,I asked innocently.
‘Then should I frame you up for you to understand?’,she asked me, looking wickedly at me.
I was amazed.
How could a girl like Tiffany be able to do all these things?
Is she even human?
‘Dont you dare me,Nnena.
This was how I framed our last three maids when the saw me smoking and refused to keep it a secret.
I know from the look of things,you don’t even have anywhere to go to.
Don’t spoil your miserable life by yourself and just keep your tongue in cheek.
No one will believe you..I will only frame you up.
So,choose maid?’,she added the last one mockingly.
We stood staring at each other and at that point,madam Magret came inside the room….
Should I join her in order to become friends with her and live comfortably?
# To_be_continued

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