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Before we got to the house,the gate had already been closed.
So,we had to knock.
I was expecting to see the formal gate man but he wasn’t the one.
As we knocked,he came out to meet us.
He looked at us questioningly.
“Yes?What do you want!’,he asked.
“Good day sir….will you kindly allow us enter the house?
We have to meet with the owner of this house”,sister Eunice said.
“And why would you want to meet with her?
Tell me,so I can relay your message”,the gate man said.
“Mr Man,we can’t tell you anything.
We simply have to meet with madam Magret now”,sister Eunice said,boiling up with anger.
She forced her way in and dragged me inside the compound too
The gate man furiously stopped us from entering into the main building.
“You can’t just go in like that!
You are trying to be a trespasser…and we will call the police on you”,the gate man raved.
I was getting scared.
“Sister Eunice…please let’s get out of here…I don’t want trouble”,I said.
Sister Eunice stared at me as if I was from another planet.
“Are you crazy?,tell me.
Are you alright?Do you know what you are talking?
You are talking nonsense.
This girl’s life is on the line and all you can do is stay there and get scared, shaking like a jelly fish”,sister Eunice said,Soo angry.
I’ve never seen her that angry before.
….. Stella’s POV.
I heard the commotion out the compound first because I was bring down juice from the kitchen upstairs.
I quickly looked down the window in the kitchen.
I almost had an heart attack as I saw them down stairs with the gate man.
I thought desperately of what to do but there was no possible solution.
How could I back down so easily?
I asked myself.
I dropped down the juice and tiptoed to the back stairs leading to the back yard downstairs before getting to the gate.
I had to notify the gate man never to let them in until I get a chance.
But it wasn’t possible to call him without being seen.
I told myself I was already doomed as I saw them,walking toward the main building with the gate man.
… Nnena’s POV.
Finally,we were able to convince the gate man when he saw July.
We decided sister Eunice should wait outside with July while I go into the house.
As I stepped in, their laughter filled the air and drifted into my ears.
I walked through the hall way and came out into the first sitting room.
Tiffany’s etes widened as she saw me.
Madam Magret stood up, looking at me with an heavy expression.
“You?…what the hell did you come here to do?’,madam Magret asked.
I said nothing.
I stood looking at them.
I looked around.
Jane wasn’t in sight.
“You heartless human….how could you?
How could you do this to me!”,I shouted at them.
Tiffany suddenly started laughing.
“What are you saying now?
Four years ago,you never tried to defend yourself or deny what we did against you but here you are now trying to play innocent?
You don’t even need it because even my father,whom you stole his love away from me is no longer here with us.
He has left us to another country entirely when he found out what we’ve done to you.
Do,just get out of here”, Tiffany said as I came further into the sitting room.
“Do you really think am here for that stupid thing you guys did?
No,;f courses not.
Am here to collect what actually belongs to me”,I said as they both looked at each other.
“What the hell are you talking about?
What belongs to you here in my house?”,madam Magret fired at me.
There question threw me off guard.
I began to think if Stella even brought Jane to the house at all.
“Where is Josh?’,I asked.
“And why are you asking of my brother?
He is now a rich guy with a woman of his own.
Don’t you even dare to do anything stupid or I will just get rid of you finally”, Tiffany threatened.
“Do you have any idea if any woman at all has brought him any child?’,I asked carefully.
Tiffany’s expression changed as she looked at her mother.
“What… woman…”,she said and her eyes shifted towards upstairs.
“Who the heck….”,she started to say when some commotions erupted from outside.
We all turned to the direction.
Tiffany was the first to storm outside, followed by me then madam Magret.
Sister Eunice was locking Stella around her neck,trying to keep her from running.
You could imagine the shook on Tiffany’s face as she stared at the scene.
“What…what’s happening here!’,she shouted and stopped as she saw July running to me.
I carried her and looked over at Tiffany’s dumbfounded expression.
“Mummy…where is Jane?
Where is my sister?’,July asked to everyone’s hearing.
“Your…your… sister…’, Tiffany stammered.
“We are here for her sister whom this traitor must have brought here”,I said as Tiffany waved her head, looking as if she was going to faint.
She turned desperately at Stella, demandingly.
“What the hell is happening here…. somebody should tell me what’s happening!”,she screamed sounding like someone who was going to run mad from any moment.
Just then, Josh’s car rolled into the smooth compound…..
# To_be_continued .
…Last episode loading.

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  1. What a drama, so intriguing, so interesting and ending happily.. Nnenna is about having the last laugh

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