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How could Stella do this to me?
I couldn’t believe she actually betrayed me meaning all the things she told me were nothing but lies.
Right then,I couldn’t think of anything.
One daughter was in danger and another was dying on bed.
I had to save them first before thinking about the bastard.
Miraculously,Jane woke up and said she wanted to follow us and bring back her sister.
The next day,we prepared to go.
She suddenly grew healthy.
Sister Eunice collected a letter of permission and after we got ready,we hit the road.
….. Stella’s POV.
I got Tiffany to convince Josh to let me stay in his house.
I knew it sounded silly,but it just had to work.
The next day,he started warming up to me and told me I could stay with him.
I prepared his breakfast happily.
Finally,my plans were working.
Towards afternoon, Tifanny arrived with Jane.
I could not even recognize the little girl anymore.
She looked like a princess from fairytale land.
I welcomed them as we sat in the living room.
“Wow… she’s looking so adorable’,I said smiling at Jane who was sitting on Tiffany’s laps.
She was also holding a big pink teddy bear.
Tiffany looked lovingly at her, touching her long braided hair.
“She’s our joy now…my husband loves her so much and she will ever remain our child’,Tiffany said happily.
“So…how is Josh…ate you getting closer to him?’, Tiffany said and I smiled shyly.
“Sort of….am trying”,I said.
“Look,I want you to marry my brother okay?
As in…you have been an helper to us’, Tiffany told me, smiling.
I smiled back.
“It’s nothing but am willing to do what you said’,I replied.
Tiffany nodded and looked down at Jane.
“Miranda,what’s wrong?’,she asked her and touched her temperature.
“Oh my God,again?Why are you always running into temperature?’, Tiffany asked and looked at me.
“I had to take her to our family doctor in the night…she ran into a very hot temperature last night and I was so afraid’, Tiffany said while I find something to say.
“Well…you know she is kind of adapting to her new environment.
Don’t worry,she will get used to you guys and stop the temperature”,I assured her as she nodded.
“I think I have to take her to my mum’s house so she can call our family doctor…we won’t be long.
Our family doctor doesn’t know my house or here and I have to get Miranda examined,so we have to go there.
We won’t stay long’,Tiffany said when she saw the look in my eyes.
“We won’t stay long?”,I asked again.
“Yes,we won’t stay long”.
I dressed up and we went out.
… Nnena’s POV.
When we finally arrived the street after searching for it like never before,it has changed alot.
Everywhere looks so confusing as many things had changed but I still cracked my brain and got the main Street.
I remembered vividly the day I left the street,almost five years ago now.
I was backing July as we walked.
As we entered further into the street,I started to get confused.
The house i once lived in seemed to have disappeared among all other houses.
“Can’t you figure it out anymore?”,sister Eunice said,sweating?
I could not answer her.
I stood at a spot, trying to gather my thoughts.
But it was just four years ago?
How come I couldn’t locate the house again.
Another house was standing on the place Josh’s house was supposed to be.
Sister Eunice took July from me and carried her.
Then a way to locate it came into my mind.
Back then,when we were still schooling,Josh and I had a particular route we followed everyday.
I looked at sister Eunice.
“Let’s go back to the first entry where my school is located…I know how to locate it now.
We went back back and I saw my school.
We took the left turn and walked through a narrow place and cane out of the opening.
We took another turn again through a narrow part and came out of the same street then I looked to my right at the far end and smiled as I saw the house.
It had been repainted, that was why I couldn’t recognize it quickly.
“That’s the house, sister Eunice.
Yes,am very sure of it”,I said.
Just then,a car drove out from the corner and as the gates were being opened,it rolled into the compound and we started moving fast,towards the house.
It was time to get the bastard busted…
# To_be_continued .

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