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… Stella’s POV.
I was glad with the progress I made and the trick I played on Nnena.
I longed to be inside that mansion.
We got to Madam Magret’s house around noon.
I looked at July who was putting on a sad face as we entered the compound.
“Don’t you like this beautiful house?
Why are you looking so sad?’,I asked her.
She looked up at me, sniffing.
“I…I like it… it’s beautiful but I just want to stay with my mummy and my sister”,she said in a sad small voice.
I looked at her,already getting annoyed.
“Look,forget about your poor mummy who can’t give you anything.
From now on,you are going to have a rich mummy who will buy all things for you.
Beautiful clothes, beautiful toys and shoes!
You will even put on fine hair and have alot of things and also go to a good fine school.
Don’t you want all that?’,I asked her, raising my voice.
July was already scared with the way I shouted.
She just nodded while she continued sulking.
“ let me take you inside to your new mummy”,I told her and dragged her inside.
Tiffany stood up immediately we entered.
“You are here’,she said, staring at July.
I looked away from her and stared down at July then pushed her a little forward.
“This is the child I told you about.
I had Soo much difficulty in bringring her.
So,take care of her”,I said.
July looked at Tiffany and looked away.
I was angered by this.
“Can’t you greet and introduce yourself?’,I asked her.
July looked up at me.
“While my mummy bathed me….she secretly told me am coming here to meet my father…and not a new mummy’,July said bluntly.
That pissed me off and threw me off guard as Tiffany stared at me questioningly but I took control of the situation immediatly.
“The truth is that your mummy tricked you.
She has given you up for a new mummy’,I told her.
July looked at Tiffany and continued sulking.
Tiffany came forward and bent before her, touching her hair.
“Look honey…you won’t have to suffer again.
You are also gonna have a father,okay?
Soon,we will go to our own house because here is grandma’s home.
You are gonna really love it,okay?it’s pretty good here with everything you need”, Tiffany said and hugged July while staring up at me.
“You have to take her to your matrimonial home as soon as possible and stay there for some time.
Don’t bring her here for sometime’,I said.
Tiffany dressed and took July out to quickly shop for her things.
she brought so many clothes for her and different shoes.
She got her baby dolls and designs for her new room.
She also brought a lot of things for me too.
Ranging from bags to clothes.
From clothes to shoes.
I felt on top of the word,telling myself I was already a rich lady.
As we came out of the mall,something came into my mind.
“Why not tell your mother to relocate?’,I asked Tiffany as she stopped and looked at me.
“Why?’,she asked.
“Because of security reasons…you know for your new child’,I said.
Tiffany thought for a while.
“But you asked me to keep her away from the house for a while already’,she said.
“Yes I did but still yet,I think she should relocate”,I said.
“Okay’, Tiffany said and breathed in.
“And thanks Soo much for all the gifts”,I thanked her and she smiled.
“You’ve thanked me enough already”,she said and carried July up and found out that her temperature was getting quite hot.
“Oh my…baby girl..what’s wrong with you.
You are running a temperature.
Don’t worry,okay…you are going to meet daddy soon.
It’s time for you to meet your daddy,dear…hmm?’,she told her and July nodded.
“So,what would you like to name her?”,I asked, smiling too.
Tiffany looked at me and thought for a while.
“I’ve always love the namene, Miranda…so,I will name her Miranda’,Tiffany said and we both laughed together.
I left with my gifts, leaving Jane with Tiffany and went straight to Josh’s house.
He seemed surprised to see me and that made me uncomfortable.
“Hi…you came here again?’,he asked me, opening the door.
I came in and sat down on the seat he offered me.
“Are you surprised to see me here.. Like you don’t want me to visit?’,I asked him.
“Of course,not.
Am just surprised you still come here today”,he said and I found it confusing.
“I told you I had no where to go….I don’t know what to do”,I said,weeping.
Josh stared at me,trying to say something.
“But…but….I don’t think you can kind of stay here…’,he said and I looked up sharply at him.
What is he trying to say?
I fell on my knees and started pleading.
…. Nnena’s POV.
“What were you thinking,Nnena!!
How could you separate the twins!!’,sister Eunice shouted at me as we rushed Jane to the clinic.
Her temperature was still very hot but she was out of her deep coma.
I’ve cried my heart out as I sat beside Jane on bed.
“How could you have trusted Stella to that point?.
Now, she’s not even back!.
What were you thinking for Christ sake?’,sister Eunice shouted.
“But…the head sister was going to separate them anyway to someone I don’t know so I thought it was better I send her to her father…I never knew it was going to affect Jane”,I cried, looking at Jane who was sleeping.
“Look,I already told head sister Lizzie she can’t separate such twins.
They are too identical to be separated.
What made you think she hasn’t call on you since then?
Nnena…you should have sought for counselling first’,Sister Eunice said gently and breathed in.
“You told me before that you know where they live,right?’,she asked and I looked at her.
“Yes but…but don’t tell me am supposed to go there?’,I asked,frightened.
“Nnena,don’t you get it!
Do you want Jane to die?… we’ve got to go out there now and bring back July if you don’t want Jane to give up the ghost here.
Can’t you spell the hand writing on the wall?
No matter what happens there today or the consequences…we are going there.
Minus that,Jane will never be able to get herself again.
Get prepared and let’s go bring back her sister….
# To_be_continued .

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  1. Identical twin are not easily separated because of the attachment that exist in between them. This is why Jane went into coma for being away from her sister July

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