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…. Continuation from Stella’s POV.
He took me to his house and I felt so happy to step inside that beautiful house.
I sat down at one of the large sofas looking around and enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the house.
“Enjoy yourself and make yourself at home”,Josh said and left for the kitchen.
He came back carrying a tray with a glass of juice on it.
“Your house is beautiful’,I said, smiling as he handed me the juice.
He smiled.
“Thanks but my house still remains incomplete even though it’s beautiful’,he said as I looked at him.
I understood his statement but instead I just ignored it and sipped my juice.
Just then,the door opened and Tiffany came in.
She came into the sitting room and saw me.
Her eyes widened in amazement.
“You?…how did you…?’,she asked.
“You know her?’,Josh asked as he stared at us.
“Yes…she was at our house yesterday’, Tiffany said.
“I never knew you guys know each other…am sorry for intruding…I will be on my way now’,I said and stood up, getting ready to go when they stopped me.
“No…you can’t just leave like that.
I had like to have that baby gurl you talked about.
I really need her urgently’, Tiffany said as I looked at her.
Nnena wouldl surely leave one of the twins for me if am able to tell her the lies I’ve cooked inside me.
“Okay then,by morning you will get her.
I will go back to the orphanage tonight and take her then tomorrow,I will bring her to your house’.
…… Nnena’s POV.
Stella returned the following night.
I was anxious to what she was about to say.
Jane and July were already asleep on their bed as I sat with Stella.
“So,how did it go?
Did you see Josh?’,I asked eagerly as Stella nodded.
“I saw him but am sorry,Nnena…I told him about you and the twins’, Stella said as my heart beated fast.
“What did you say?
You told him about me….what did he say?”,I asked slowly while Stella shook her head.
“He was so angry.
He told me you were the person who wanted to kill his father.
He said if he knew your house…he would have come with the police to arrest you.
He said if he sets eyes on you that he is going to strangle you.
He pleaded with me to take him to where you were but you know I can’t do that’,Stella said and that brought so much heart break to me.
How could Josh believe in such facade?
“When I told him about your daughters,he said I should bring his children to him but I told him you will never agree to let go of the twins.
So,he told me to bring one to him at least,he should also have a child with him since he does have one.
And his wife complied too because she also needs a child.
Nnena,this is not the time to weep.
It’s time to lift some burdens off your shoulders”,Stella said as I weeped.
I looked towards my children’s bed and stared at them as they layed down in each other’s arms.
Just which one do i let go?
I stood up and went closer to them, staring down at them.
Stella followed me and stood beside me.
“Stella,which one you suggest I let go?’,I asked her.
“Who you need now is someone sharp and strong and Jane is…so I think you should send July”,Stella said and I stared at her.
Wasn’t it too much of me to trust her just like this?
But Stella and I have known each other so well and she also promised never to betray me, didn’t she?
I weeped as I looked back at the twins.
“Tommorow morning,very early,you are leaving with her but before that,three is something I need to get’,I said.
Before laying down for the night,I got two identical medallion from the cathedral.
Inside it was the orphanage name and logo.
I kept it down, sorrowfully waiting for morning to come.
Early at dawn,Stella woke up and got ready while I packed July’s few clothes.
I woke her up quietly in order not to wake Jane too.
July was startled I woke her up at such time.
“Mummy.. what’s wrong?’,July asked in her small voice.
I tried to hide my tears but I just couldn’t and my shaky voice also gave me away.
“July, listen to what am about to say,okay?
You are going somewhere with aunty Stella for some time,okay?
There is some one you have to meet…you won’t stay with me and Jane for the main time now’,I said and July instantly began to cry.
“No mummy….I don’t want to go…I don’t want to leave my sister behind’,July said and I cried the more but tried to control myself.
“Never worry,dear…honey…you don’t have to worry…we will come very soon to see you”,I said and wore her one of the medal.
“Don’t you ever allow anyone take this away from you okay?
So,with it,you can always remember me and your sister for as long as your memory can carry you,okay?”,I told her gently and hugged her.
All the while,I bathed her,she cried but after assuring her we would come and visit she stopped crying.
“Please, ensure she is in safe hands before you come back’,I told Stella as they got ready to go.
Soon, they left.
I cried as I sat on my mat.
I sat motionlessly there till day break.
Jane stood up and when she could not find Jane,she came to meet me.
“Mummy…where is July?’,She asked looking around.
I drew her into my arms and told her what happened.
She looked sharply at me and disengaged herself from me.
“What do you mean, mummy?
I want my sister!Where did she go to?
Please,I want to be with my sister…get me my sister!’,Jane cried.
I tried to pet and console her but she was unconsolable.
Few hours that followed,she refused to eat anything nor talk.
She refused to play with her mates or go anywhere.
She refused to answer me no matter how I call her.
Towards evening,I never knew what happened to my Jane.
Her temperature grew very hot and went out of control.
Before I knew what was going on,she fainted and went into a deep coma…
# TO_be_continued .

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  1. Painful betrayal, Stella is just a human who wanted a better life for herself just like her friend Nnenna.

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