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…. continuation from Stella’s POV.
They both turned sharply to stare at me.
Tiffany stood up immediately.
“Who are you?’,she asked as I came closer.
I thought desperately about what to tell them.
“The thing is that I’ve come all the way here to help your situation’,I said,deciding I won’t tell them I wanted to meet with Josh.
Mother and daughter stared at each other and looked back at me.
“You said you have a baby for adoption…whose child is it?
And how do you know us?’, Tiffany asked.
“The child is from motherless babies home and some one who I must not mention the name directed me here’,I answered, forming the lies as quickly as possible.
Tiffany came closer to me.
“Like…I…I need that baby urgently….how old is the baby…a boy or a girl?’, Tiffany asked.
“She’s 4 and she’s a beautiful baby girl’,I answered.
“How do we get the baby?’, Tifanny asked.
How desperate she is.
“Give me your number…I will arrange a meeting place and bring the child to you…she has a mother…so,I don’t want her to see her child being taken away’,I said and stopped,amazed at myself.
Am I ever going to do that?
Of course not… that will be betraying Nnena.
Tiffany’s face lit up with a smile.
“Can you really do that for me!’,she asked me.
“I just want to help…’,I said as they looked at me.
“How can you make us to trust your words?’,madam Magret said.
“Just let me have your number.
By next week,you will have the baby in your hands’.
I left the building and walked to the gate man to have a conversation with him.
“Are you sure you don’t know where Josh lives?’,I asked the gate man.
The man looked thoughtfully for a moment and looked at me.
“I know where he lives but I don’t know if the name of the street he lives in’,the gate man said.
There was still hope.
“Can you at least describe the way and how the house looks like?’,I asked him and he nodded.
I smiled to myself.
The time was already far spent so I begged the gate man to allow me stay in for the night after he gave me the direction to Josh’s house.
He agreed and the next day,I left for Cape Town.
Following the directions,I searched the big houses in Cape and finally, towards afternoon,I located the house.
It was a beautiful one.
How could Nnena’s lover be in this kind of house while she suffers with her children at the orphanage?
Does it make any sense?
As I saw the house, something else began to creep inside of me.
I long to be in that house, feeling it’s warmth and it’s coziness.
But still yet,I doubted the owner of the house was Josh.
If Josh really was the owner,am yet to decide what to do.
I started thinking of a way to get him to know me.
I sat under a shade in the cool city and brought myself a drink out of the little money with me, while trying earnestly of what to do when, suddenly a wonderful but risky idea struck me.
I looked up hopefully at the new idea bubbling up in my head.
Yes,I know exactly what to do.
Surely someone who has such a big house,must have a car, isn’t it?
I waited till evening.
Waiting for the time he will drive out if the house.
I was sure he was around because I caught a glimpse of a young man upstairs with a drink in his hand.
Doesn’t he ever go out?
The time was running late and I had to be fast in order to see where you lay my head for the night.
I pictured the street and found out the way to the main road and waited patiently around the corner, keeping my eyes on the gates.
Around 6 to 7,my prayers were answered as the gates swung open and a blue dark Jeep drove out and cornered to my direction.
I breathed in heavily at what I was about to do for it was of a great risk but I had to do it.
As the car pulled into gear, driving fast enough towards my direction,I closed my eyes and ran into the road.
I screamed and before he could apply his break,he had hit me in front of my laps.
I screamed and dropped to the floor in pain and as I heard the car door, opening,I closed my eyes shut and purposely fainted.
He took me to the hospital and had me admitted.
After I felt enough treatment had been done on,I finally woke up the next day.
The driver was sitting on a chair in my room.
From the description the gate man gave me,I quickly kneq it was Josh.
“What am I doing here?’,I asked him.
He smiled thankfully, probably because I have woken up.
“Thank God you are okay…but how did you just run into the road like that?
Did you want to kill me?’,he asked me.
Instead of answering,I began to cry so pitifully that he offered me his hanky.
“Am so sorry…I had no where to go’,I cried.
He looked at me and cane closer.
“How come….where do you live and where do you come from?
Who are you?’,he asked me.
I looked into his eyes and found him so rich and attractive.
Who wouldn’t want to be with such guy?
Wasn’t this the right time to tell him about his Nnena and his twin girls?
Wasn’t this the right time to tell him he had a family somewhere?
Wasn’t this the right time to tell him how much they were suffering?
But no….I didn’t,instead…I began to think of a way to live happily and forever with this guy…. forgetting that there was Nnena waiting somewhere…..
# To_be_continued .

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  1. Wicked u! Better resist this urge cos that will be betrayal. And Nnenna warned u and u made a promise. Remember!

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