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I had this urge to help Nnena.
She was someone who has a good heart and I bear her suffering like my own.
I had my own problems but I wanted to solve her own problems first.
That day,I left the orphanage for the street where Nnena once lived with Josh and his family.
I had trouble in locating the house.
From the description Nnena gave me,I found the house close to something in the late evening.
I knocked at the large gate and a young man opened it.
It was the gate man.
I greeted him ever so politely.
‘Yes?…what do you want?’,he asked me.
I peeped into the compound and saw how large the house was.
“Please…does one Josh live here?”,I asked hoping to hear nothing but yes.
“Yes,but Josh has his own house now outside town.
His parents and his sister lives here’,the gate man said.
“Please…do you have any information where he lives?”,I asked again.
The man looked at me.
“Before I answer you…who are you first?’,he asked me.
I quickly thought about a good lie.
“Oh…me?Umm… well,we are old school mates back then and I wanted to tell him something very important”,I said,in a pleading manner.
“Okay…Oga’s son lives at Cape town but I don’t know the street exactly…why not go inside and greet his family?’,the gate man asked me.
I thought for a while and decided to go.
I walked straight to the main building and quiet entered the hall.
I stopped when I heard a lady weeping and talking.
“Mum…am tired…..I can’t seem to have a child of my pen.
This is the third year of my marriage with Nathan but I haven’t conceived.
Mum…Nathan is becoming impatient.
I had to come and stay here for sometime because Nathan seem to give me a silent treatment….I don’t know what’s happening to me,mum…what do I do to get pregnant!’,the lady cried.
I stopped,listening.
That must be the Tiffany Nnena told me.
It was amazing to me.
Here was a lady living comfortably in a duplex that could not give birth but there was Nnena in a orphanage home who gave birth to twins.
I breathed in as I heard a woman’s voice.
I knew it must be madam Magret.
“Tiffany,am bothered by this also but I think there is always a way out.
Since we’ve gone to the hospital and they say your womb has some complications..
.I think we have to use another method.
I know Nathan loves you and would never want to leave you alone, right?’,the woman asked.
“Yes,mum..I use to believe that before but now…am bothered’,Tiffany answered with shaky voice.
“I should not have done that abortion ywo years ago.
Now,it’s affecting me……I should have had that baby then…but I thought it would affect me from getting married.
Josh has been affected by the whole thing…he has refused to get married…saying we have taken away his love and will ever remain single.
I don’t know what we are going to do.
Our family seems to be going down the drain’,Tiffany said.
There was silence for sometime before the woman talked again.
“I have an idea…if Nathan will also agree to it’,the woman said.
“What’s it…mum?’, Tiffany asked eargerly.
“Let’s go for an adoption’,she finally dropped the bombshell.
I stood at that corner line someone electrocuted.
The word adoption seems to answer it all!
Tiffany was silent again as she eargerly said to her mother.
“I think you are right mum…but…but where do we get a baby for an adoption?’, Tiffany asked.
By then,I was preparing to come out and make my presence known.
“I don’t know….’,she was saying when I came out into full view and announced.
“I have a baby for adoption…..
# To_be_continued .

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