Shapes With 8 sides All You Need To Know About 8 Sides Shapes

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What is an octagon?

“Octa-” is a prefix from Latin language meaning “eight.” That is why a shape, with eight sides, is called an octagon. It is a geometric figure from the group of regular polygons. It has eight angles and sides.

Types of octagon:

  • There are regular and irregular octagons

The regular octagon is the polygon with equal angles and sides. If there are some unequal angles or sides then it is an irregular octagon.

  • Concave or Convex

If no angles are pointing inwards then it is a convex octagon. In the case when an internal angle is bigger than 180° it is a concave octagon.

Properties of the octagon

The octagon are often made by passing to the sides of the square the middle perpendiculars and connecting the points of their intersection with the circumscribed circle of the square with its sides.

The add of all the inner angles of the regular polygon is 1080°. spacial octagon} shape is spacial polygonal shape shape with eight vertices and eight edges that do not lie a similar plane.

A regular spacial octagon is an isogonal octagon with sides of equal length.

Shape with eight sides around United States of America
In several countries the sign “Movement without stopping is prohibited” has the shape of a red octagon.

A shape with eight sides is commonly used in design. we will see an octagon shape plan within the Tower of the Winds in Athens and the Dome of the Rock. The octagonal arrange is additionally found within the design of churches like the Cathedral of St. George (Addis Ababa), San Vitale (Ravenna, Italy), the Florence font and the octagonal churches of Norway