Important Road Signs You Should Know In Nigeria

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Important Road Signs You Should Know In Nigeria.

If you live are a Nigerian or foreigner who lives in Nigeria then you must know all these important road signs especially if you own a car it is a must for you

Here is the roads signs

Warning Signs

  • a railway crossing with gate;
  • railway crossing without gate;
  • supplementary intermediate level crossing;
  • signs or countdown sign;
  • general danger sign;
  • “y” junction carriageway narrows;
  • carriageway widens;
  • narrow bridge;
  • dangerous double bend (first to left);
  • pedestrian crossing;
  • children crossing;
  • beware of animals;
  • road work;
  • blind people drive carefully;
  • give way to the traffic on the right or give way to traffic on the left
  • cross-road;
  • “t” junction;
  • “t” junction;
  • “t” junction;
  • “y” junction;
  • “y” junction;
  • long grade dangerous hill;
  • dangerous bend right;
  • dangerous bend left;
  • dangerous double bend (first to right);
  • roundabout;
  • slippery surface;
  • ferry;
  • falling rocks;
  • uneven road;
  • loose chippings.

Regulatory Signs (Mandatory) direction to be followed

  • diversion;
  • one way;
  • roundabout;
  • compulsory cycle track;
  • pedestrian track;
  • divided 2-lanes 2-way ahead;
  • 2-lane-2 way ahead;
  • 4-lanes undivided 2-way ahead;
  • priority to approaching vehicle;
  • two way;
  • two way keep right;
  • end diversion;
  • pass either side;
  • pedestrian track;
  • speed limit (minimum);
  • divided 4-lanes 2-way ahead;
  • sign for temporary traffic control.
  • no horns;
  • speed limit (maximum);
  • restriction sign;
  • close to all vehicles in both directions;
  • no entry to pedal cycles;
  • no entry for all vehicles;
  • no entry for vehicles having overall height exceeding 3.5m;
  • stop custom;s vehicles exceeding 12 metric tonnes laden load;
  • stop customs;
  • inscription varied to suit other obligations to stop;
  • parking prohibited;
  • 8.30am to 5.30pm;
  • no stopping;
  • litter prohibited.

Regulatory Signs (Prohibitory)

stop at intersection;
stop police • no left turn;
no right turn;
no “u” turn;
overtaking prohibited;
supplemented with road marking including ‘no change lane’;
no entry for vehicles having axle load exceeding 8 metric tonnes;
no entry for vehicles having overall width exceeding 2m;
no entry for lorries;