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Did you want to invest in any food farming business in Nigeria? If yes then this blog post is for you because you will know the most lucrative food farming business in Nigeria currently.

Agriculture is the most lucrative business in Nigeria, farming still remain the most profitable business in Nigeria because we have large population in Nigeria, most of our foods are imported because we can’t provide it by ourselves. So if you invest in agriculture in Nigeria you will make huge money on your investment, the most interesting part is that you have little or no competitor.

You can invest in the following food crops

Cassava Farming

Cassava is the of the most consume food in Nigeria, cassava can be process into garri, fufu, elubo and other cassava product.

Cassava farming is lucrative business because you have low risk, you need little amount of money to get started, you don’t need to hire workers because you can do it by yourself.

Maize Farming

Maize Farming is one the fastest money making business in Nigeria because you will get your return on your investment within three months, this business is very lucrative especially if you know how it works.

Maize Farming is the easiest crop you can plant in Nigeria, you can start maize farming with just N40,000.

Yam Farming

Yam is one of the most consume food in Nigeria because it is cheap and easy to cook for many people that is why this business is profitable,

Watermelon Farming

Watermelon is one of the most popular friut in Nigeria, you can invest in watermelon farming and make huge amount of money within three months, the most interesting part of this business is that you can grow it in any part of the country either in the east, north, south, or west.

Potatoes Farming

Potatoes is also on the list of the most lucrative food farming business in Nigeria currently, potatoes is one of the most consume food in Nigeria, you can invest in this profitable food crop which have lower risk.

You can start this business with just N50,000 and earn over 150,000 within short period of time if well plan and well manage.

You can grow potato in any part of the country, you don’t need to buy a farm land at the northern part of Nigeria, you can easily grow it in your state either you are from East or West.

Cucumber Farming

Cucumber Farming is related to watermelon because most farmer usually plant them together on the same piece of land, cucumber is also profitable as well, cucumber is mature when it reach 45 days, that means you can get your return on your investment within 45 days if you are one of the that want make money quickly then cucumber farming is for you.

Tomatoes and Pepper Farming

Tomatoes and Pepper farming is also one the list of the most lucrative business in Nigeria currently, because 100% of Nigerians consume tomatoes and pepper either Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba.

This two crops is used for many things, it can be use to make stews, different types of soup, it is also stand as major ingredients for other meals.

If you invest in tomatoes and pepper farming, you profit is sure, you can make over 200% on this business within short period of time

These are the most lucrative food farming in Nigeria


1. Business Plan

You need to have good and accurate business plan before you jump in any business, you business plan will be your guide at time, especially when you are making decisions, it can be buying, selling, hiring workers and other big decisions.

Accurate business plan will lead your business to success, while bad or inaccurate business plan will lead you to loss, so when writing your business plan make sure you think twice.

2. Advertisement

Advertisement is of the pillar of every business, make sure you invest in advertisement because it is the only way that you can grow large customer with short period of time.

3. Quality Product And Service

You must make sure that you produce quality product or render quality service, this is very important in every business, make your service is up to standard this will make your customer to like your product or service, and they recommend you to their friends and family.

4. Customer Feedback

Always make sure your customers are happy, always entertain their complains and make sure you correct it because they play major role in your business.

It also important to learn from expert in your industry, because they have many years of experience than you. listen to their story and learn from them.

5. Patient

Patient is very important in business, if you can’t exercise patient is better you get a job business is not for you.

Do the right thing and be patient that is when success will come.