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In this blog post you will learn about the the most profitable business you can start now, I mean immediately.

1. Photography

Photography is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria because the demand is so high and you don’t need huge amount of money to start.
You don’t need a studio before you can start this business, you can choose to me wedding photographer, school photographer, this work don’t need studio, you can do this business as a student, or as part time job.

2. Event Planning

Event Planning is also one of the most profitable business in Nigeria currently, you don’t need any capital to start this business, all you have to do is to have better connection, you must know how to connect with people that will give you job.
If you want quick money then this business is for you because you make upto N200,000 per day for each event that you plan.

3. Catering Services

Catering is also one of the best business in Nigeria which you can start today, you don’t need to invest huge amount of money in this business because your client will provide the necessary ingredients that will be used for cooking, all you need to is to buy the materials needed for cooking like pot, spoon, cooking gas, and other necessary materials.

4. Snack Production

Snack Production is also on this list of the most profitable business in Nigeria currently, you can invest little money in snack production, and you will make huge profit from this business, the most interesting part of this business is that you don’t need huge amount of money to get started, you can start with just N50,000.
You can produce snack like bounce, egg roll, chin chin, and other snacks.

5. Bread Production

Bread is one of the most consumer food in the world and also in Nigeria, you should take this to make millions from bread making, this business so profitable to the extents that it generates up to 300% for those who know how it works.

If you are interested in bread production then it is important to learn how to it works, especially when it comes to choose workers.

6. Make Up

Make Up is one of the trending business in Nigeria currently, this business is also profitable it you take your time to learn how to works for expert in the industry.

Most Nigerian women can’t do without makeup especially at the weekend when they are going to party.
Take the advantages of this, start make up shop, where you will employ people to work for you or you learn it and work for yourself.
It is also important that you sell all the make up materials like brush, power, and other materials needed so that you will make your money from two different ways.

7. Hair Dressing

Hair dressing is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria currently, the demand for hair dresser is increasing everyday because people are more aware of the benefits.

You can invest in this business even if you are a man, all you need to do is to hire people to work for you and you will pay them at the end of the month.

These are the most profitable business you can start in now.


Before you start any business at all make sure you check your area whether is good for your business or not, you can be selling generator in the street where there is light always. make sure you know the business that fit your environment.

Business plan is also important, make sure you write a business plan before you go into any business, this plan will guide you from the beginning to till when you are successful in the business.
Advertisement is also key to success in your business, make sure you invest in advertisement if not don’t invest in advertising then you business will not be known by the public.