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The Poorest Tribe In Nigeria

In this blog post I will list the most poorest tribe in Nigeria currently,
Currently Nigeria is the world capital of poverty, because most  are living in poverty, they find it so
difficult to eat twice in a day.
In Nigeria we have three major tribe which is
Hausa, Igbo and
Yoruba plus over 300 minority tribe across the 36
States in
This is the Poorest States In Nigeria (2019
By National Bureau Of Statistics Poverty Rate
Sokoto 81.2%
Katsina 74.5%
Adamawa 74.2%
Gombe 74.2%
Jigawa 74.1%
Plateau 74.1%
Ebonyi 73.6%
Bauchi 73.0%
Kebbi 72.0%
Zamfara 70.8%
These are the level of poverty within Nigerian
The Most Poorest Tribe
In Nigeria

1. Igbo

Igbo is the number one on the list because after
the civil war
people from this tribe suffer alot, although they
have numerous
business men and women still these have not
solve their problem
are still neglected by their various state
government. That’s
why they have become one of the poorest tribes
in the whole
country. Most Igbos had to move from their
native places to the
west because of the lack of infrastructure, poor
environment and other facilities.

2. Yoruba.

This is another great ethnicity of the country.
many people claim that the youths in this tribe
are really poor.
This is because of the bad leaders in this region.
Lagos State is
the only State that was well organized by the
government buy
most people in Lagos are living in the slum, they
do not have
access to all the modern facilities, such as, for
instance, roads.
Though many of them are creative and
intelligent, they are
neglected and badly treated by the government.

3. Fulani

This group lives in such states, as Plateau. And
you know, it is very liable to clashes, Boko
Haram herdsmen
and terrorist attacks, which have made this Tribe not very rich.
They are the poorest tribe in the country today.

4. Hausa

Just like the Fulani’s, they also live in the most
suffering states, such as Sokoto. Thus, it is
impossible to avoid
poverty in such case.
5. Kanufi
They are one of the biggest tribes as well. And
occupy the most suffering lands. This fact has
added them into
our list.


These are the most poorest tribe in Nigeria
currently for 2019
NOTE: they’re not in well organized manner.