NECO GCE 2020/2021 Registration Form And Closing Date Full Details

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7 The National Examination Council (NECO) announced the
commencement of the sales of application form for the
2019 Senior School Certificate Examination for External
Candidate which is majorly for candidates not in the
School system.

NECO GCE Registration: Instructions &


1. The Registration fee, once paid, is not refundable.
2. The use of reputable cyber cafes is highly
recommended as the Council will not be liable for
registration errors committed by candidates. (A list of
suggested cyber cafes nationwide where candidates
can log on to register are available on the NECO
website – Internet Service Operators – or are
physically on display at our State offices nationwide.)
3. Candidates should carefully follow the instructions on
the on-line scratch card before registration.
4. Candidates should study the Regulations and
Syllabuses before registration.
5. Candidates should note that their uploaded image/
photograph during the registration will be embossed
on their certificates.
6. Smoking, cellular phones and other electronic
communication devices are not allowed in the
examination hall.
7. Candidates should dress in mufti and no one will be
allowed entry into the examination hall with arms.
8. Multiple entries are not allowed. Candidates who
register more than once will have their entire results
9. Candidates who damage or lose their scratch cards
before registration will have to purchase another card.
10. Please note that No candidate shall be allowed into an
examination hall once an examination commences.

How to Apply for 2019/2020 NECO


Create an Account: Create an account by
visiting / and clicking
the Register Here Link.
Activate Your Account: An activation email will be
sent to you. Follow the instructions contained in the
email to activate your account. Sometimes the email
might end up in your spam folder.
Login: Visit Use your
registered email and password to login
Make Payment: Once logged in, you can make
payment for SSCE external examination. your payment
is successful you will be issued exam and / or four
figure table token(s)
Locate a Registration Point: To register, you have to
visit any one of the approved cybercafes operators
registration points. Visit https:// to help you locate one near
Register Offline: Register by providing your information
including pictures, fingerprints and subjects you wish
to sit for.
Print Your Photo-Card: Provide your token to upload
your data, Once the system verifies your token, you
will be issued a photo-card with your registration
number and details.
2019/2020 NECO GCE November/
December General Information.
NOTE: In order to upload candidates’ data to the NECO
portal online and obtain examination numbers, a candidate
must be registered and either have an online account or
have it created for him/her by a cyber café Log in to the
created account and purchase registration token (s)
(scratch cards are no longer used for SSCE External
SSCE External Registration Token
The Registration Token is used by candidates to register
for the SSCE External Exam, either by themselves or
through a Registration Point. Now, before a candidate can
sit for the SSCE External Exam, they need to Purchase a
Registration Token, a candidate can purchase his/her
Registration Token from their accounts or go to the
nearest Registration Point.
2019/2020 NECO GCE Registration
Fee/Mode of Payment.
To register for this year 2019/2020 NECO GCE
EXAMINATION, interested candidates should obtain a
bank draft of Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira
(N9,850) Only. Stamp Duty: N50.00. All payments should
be made into NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA) SSCE
(E) NECO portal. Candidates sitting for Mathematics and
Physics are required to purchase Four Figure Table.

2019/2020 NECO GCE Registration


2019/2020 Neco Gce Registration deadline hasn’t been
disclosed, we advice you to purchase the form now.

2019/2020 NECO GCE Attestation/

Photo Cards and Examination


In completion of the registration guidelines, every
candidate must obtain the following from the internet
1. Complete Time Table for the Examination; and
2. One (1) clear copy of the NECO Attestation/Photo
card; which should be presented for each examination.
(Candidates should note that Attestation/Photo cards
that are not clear will be disallowed at the
examination hall).
The Referee’s Attestation section of the Attestation/Photo
card should be SIGNED AND STAMPED by any of the
1. The Principal or vice principal of a recognized Senior
Secondary school;
2. An ordained clergyman;
3. A commissioned officer of the Nigerian Armed Forces
or the Police not below the rank of Captain or its
equivalent rank;
4. A senior civil servant not below the rank of GL. 14;
5. A Legal Practitioner of not less than ten years
Important Information to Blind
This information is for Blind candidates who are to
register like everyone else. However, the NECO State
Officer of the state where they intend to write the
examination should be notified of their physical status
immediately after registration.
2019/2020 NECO GCE Examination
Candidates should make their choice of The town where
the examination will be held which have been grouped into
examination towns/neighbourhoods.

NECO GCE – Available Subjects.

Subjects available are:

1. Agricultural Science
2. EnglishLanguage
3. HealthScience
4. PhysicalEducation
5. Arabic Language
6. Financial Accounting
7. History
8. Physics
9. Biology
0. French
1. Igbo
2. Salesmanship
3. Chemistry
4. Further Mathematics
5. IslamicStudies
6. Stenography
7. Christian Religious Study
8. Geography
9. Literature-in-English
0. Storekeeping
1. Commerce
2. Government
3. Mathematics
4. Yoruba
5. Economics
6. Hausa
7. Marketing Protection Status