Mystikal Net Worth: Early Life, Biography, Career, Age, Awards And More

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This blog page is all about Mystikal net worth, biography, career, awards, and other important information about Mystikal, if you want to more about him make sure you read to the end.

Michael Lawrence Tyler is an American rapper and actor. His stage name is Mystikal. His life is very controversial so far. He went to prison for being guilty. Mystikal’s last studio album is Tarantula. His career started in the early 90s.

Mystikal Wiki And Quick Fact

  • Celebrated Name: Mystikal
  • Full Name/ Real Name: Michael Lawrence Tyler
  • Date Of Birthday: 22 September 1970
  • Birthday: 22 September
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Place Of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Source of Wealth: American Rapper, Songwriter and Actor
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Wife: No
  • Girlfriend: No
  • Children: Yes (Million Tyler, My’chelle Tyler)
  • Residence: Unknown Location
  • Salary: Not Available

Mystikal Early Life, Biography, And Education

Mystikal was born on 22 September 1970,in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, his full name and real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, he was born to his parents.

When Mystikal was very young, his family relocated to New Orleans, United States. Mystikal’s father run a small store, unfortunately he died when Mystical was just seven years of age.

From early ages, Mystikal was very fond
of breakdancing and used to rapping and rhyming, during this period Mystikal used to call himself ‘Mystikal Mike’.
Mystikal attended the Cohen High School, Mystikal was an average student in school, Mystikal study astronomy and science. After his graduation, Mystikal joined the United States Armed Forces as Combat Engineer.
In his army days, Mystikal took classes for business and psychology.

He performed raps in many NCO clubs. After his discharge from the army, Mystikal returned home, and he began to work as a security guard in a shopping centre. Through
his performance in Theme Center of ‘Not That Nigga’, Mystikal succeeded in getting the attention of the of Big Boy Records. After the show, he signed a contract.

Mystikal Career

In 1994 Big Boy Records release his first album called ‘Mystikal’.It was one of the most successful albums of the record label, and it was the major success for the artist, Mystikal had a rivalry with U.N.L.V, The B.Gz, and Lil Wayne , who signed with another record label in New Orleans, United States.

After the death of Mystikal’s sister with whom he was very much attached and who collaborated in the song ‘Not That Nigga’, Mystikal was having a hard time. After that, Mystikal and Lil Wayne decided to become collaborators.

Mystikal signed a contract with Jive Records and released an album called ‘Mind of Mystikal’. The next year Mystikal signed to another record label called No Limit Records, and Mystikal released Unpredictable in November.

Mystikal album with the label was Ghetto Fabulous, was released in 1998. Before he released another album called Let’s Get Ready reached the number one position in Billboard 200 Top Album chart.

Mystikal went to jail because he was found guilty of the extortion charge and sexual battery charges. In 2010 after Mystikal’s release he was registered as a sex offender.

Mystikal Net Worth

Mystikal net worth is estimated to be $4 million, his main source of income is from his music career, Mystikal released six studio albums. He earned $500,000 from his album Goodfellas with 504 Boyz. This was certified as gold by RIAA. He earned $2,277,000 from Mystikal’s album Let’s Get Ready. It was certified as 2x platinum by RIAA, and Music Canada Certified it as gold. From his last studio album tarantula, Mystikal earned $500,000. This was also considered as gold by RIAA.

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Mystikal Awards And Achievement

Mystikal won a soul train award. In 2003, he was nominated for the Grammy Awards for his album Tarantula in the Best Rap Album category. Mystikal was also nominated for Best Rap Solo Performance.

Mystikal Age, Height And Weight

Mystikal was born on 22 September 1970, Mystikal is 49 years old currently, he will be 50 years old on 22 September 2020, 51 years old on 22 September 2021, and 52 years old on 22 September 2022.

Currently, Mystikal height is 1.80 m tall, and weight is 88 kg.