Jorge Masvidal Net Worth: Biography, Career, Age, Awards And More

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This blog page is all about Jorge Masvidal net worth, biography, career, awards, and other important information about Jorge Masvidal, if you want to more about him make sure you read to the end.

Jorge Masvidal is one of the most popular and celebrated MMA fighters from Miami, Florida, United States, Jorge Masvidal had a rough time when as a child, but he worked hard enough to shape his future and be where he is currently. Jorge Masvidal began training from his early age, and that was the beginning of his remarkable career as a professional fighter.

Apart from being a mixed martial artist,
Jorge Masvidal is a professional boxer and a versatile athlete because of his caliber that millions of fans love him and can not afford to miss watching him fight.

Jorge Masvidal Wiki And Quick Fact

  • Celebrated Name: Jorge Masvidal
  • Full Name: Jorge Masvidal
  • Date Of Birthday: 12 November 1984
  • Birthday: 12 November
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Place Of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Net Worth:
  • Source of Wealth: Mixed Martial Artist
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education:
  • Wife: No
  • Girlfriend: No
  • Children: No
  • Residence: Not Available
  • Salary: Not Available

Jorge Masvidal Early Life, Biography And Education

Jorge Masvidal is a mixed martial artist from Florida, United States. Jorge is acclaimed UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters, and he is currently competing in the Welterweight division. A professional fighter which started in 2003, Jorge Masvidal currently holds the 3rd rank in the official UFC rankings, as of January 2020. Jorge Masvidal set the record for the fastest knockout in the history of UFC when he won his bout against Ben Askren in 5 seconds.

Jorge Masvidal was born on 12 November 1984, in Miami, Florida, United States, his full name or real name is Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal’s parents are of Cuban and Peruvian descent, respectively.
Jorge Masvidal attend St. Brendan High School and when he was in school, he a part of the school wrestling team. Jorge Masvidal also got involved in street fights from young age and he grew up in fight.

Jorge Masvidal Personal Life

Growing up, Masvidal faced some hardship as a child, his father left them in Cuba, set off in a raft, and landed in the Virgin Islands, his father was convicted of murder and drug peddling, before he was sentence to prison for almost twenty years.

Masvidal is currently not married to anyone, but he have three children with his ex-girlfriend, Imam Kawa, two daughters, and a son respectively.

Jorge Masvidal Career

Jorge Masvidal began his career as a professional mixed martial artist in 2003 when he started fighting for various MMA promotions like Bellator, Shark Fights, Strikeforce, and others in the lightweight

Before The UFC signed Jorge Masvidal in the Welterweight division in the same 2013 and, over the years, he won a surfeit of bouts via unanimous decisions.

Before Jorge Masvidal became a professional boxer in 2005. However, he has
competed in only one boxing match so far, against Joseph Benjamin in Miami, Florida, United States.

Jorge Masvidal Net Worth

Jorge Masvidal net worth is estimated to be $14 million, Jorge Masvidal main source of income is from his affluence by being
signed to the UFC and fighting over 10 of their events.

In 2019, Jorge Masvidal made a substantial amount of money (almost $500,000) by defeating Nate Diaz in the BMF title fight.

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Jorge Masvidal Awards And Achievement

Jorge Masvidal has won numerous awards since he began his career as a professional mixed martial artist, Currently, Jorge Masvidal holds the 3rd rank in the official UFC welterweight rankings.

Jorge Masvidal is an American MMA fighter has been recognized for his skill over the years in the martial arts.

In 2019, he won the BMF title against Nate Diaz, he had the fastest knockout record in the history of UFC when Jorge Masvidal defeated Ben Askren within in 5 seconds, Jorge Masvidal also earned several titles like “Comeback Fighter of the Year,” Fighter of the Year-2019″, and others.

Jorge Masvidal Age, Height And Weight

Jorge Masvidal was born on 12 November 1984,

Jorge Masvidal will be 36 years old on 12 November 2020, 37 years old on 12 November 2021, and 38 year old on 12 November 2022.

Currently, Jorge Masvidal height is
1.8m tall, and his weight is 77 kg.

Jorge Masvidal Favorite Quotes

I thought me hitting you and you not hitting me and me making you miss and even throwing more than you means that I won a fight. – Jorge Masvidal

Dana White, bring me someone that can beat me. You can’t find no one that can beat me. – Jorge Masvidal

My mom would get up every day at 4 A.M. and worked two jobs. I always felt I was the poorest kid on the block. I had a chip on my shoulder about being broke. – Jorge Masvidal

I got kicked out of school… I caused a lot of turbulence throughout those years. – Jorge Masvidal

The main reason I’m in this sport is not to run mouths and make posts on Twitter and stuff. It’s to compete. – Jorge Masvidal Protection Status