Jeffree Star Boyfriend Nathan Age, Biography, Career, Education, Personal Life, Gay

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Jeffree Star Boyfriend  Nathan Age

How old is Jeffree Star boyfriend?

Nathan Age is

Age 25 years old

Most people spend a lot of your time on Instagram. it’s possible to find any content you favor these days. somebody enjoys funny videos, others are interested in wise quotes or different speeches by life-coaches, and some users, especially girls, just love look videos regarding make-up and wonder. If you’re one of those people that love the beauty world and everything that’s connected to that, we tend to are virtually certain that you simply follow Jeffree Star on Instagram.


  • Full name: Nathan Schwandt
  • Date of birth: 18.08.1993
  • Birthplace: Michigan, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Social media celebrity
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Partner: Jeffree Star
  • Hobbies: Playing the guitar, Mexican food
  • Online presence: Instagram, Twitter


As it typically happens, it’s not enough for United States solely to follow somebody, use his or her tricks once doing makeup, we tend to conjointly wish to know everything this person. that’s why we tend to are talking regarding Jeffree Star boyfriend Nathan today.

He is a celebrity on Instagram. He will be known as a social media personality. Also, he’s a model likewise. a great deal of individuals recognize him as a Jeffree Star boyfriend.

One of the foremost popular questions about him is “How old is Nathan Schwandt?” He was born on 18th August 1993, so Nathan Schwandt age now’s 25 years previous. His town is Michigan. there is virtually no info regarding his family. All we all know is that he features a brother, whose name is Zack which Nathan Schwandt brother is functioning in a similar way of identical field. unfortunately, there’s no info regarding his parents. perhaps it implies that he doesn’t wish to share all the facts from his story with the general public.

Before obtaining social media fame, he was operating in a very pet-shop. However, everything modified once he started dating the beauty guru. Nathan left his town and moved to California. He was that one who initiated the long run star to start his career on YouTube. He appeared in Jeffree’s videos sometimes, but really, all the “massive” work on the YouTube channel with media content was done by his partner.

Now Jeffree Star became a brand. He has his own cosmetics line, and his channel is one in all the most popular on YouTube. Schwandt always supported his partner, and he even took part in his activities. for example, he was answerable for the logistics department at Jeffree’s warehouse. The couple “Nathan Schwandt Jeffree Star” even started a cannabis business. Jeffree doesn’t drink alcohol at all, however he same that he loves cannabis.

Schwandt still appears in Star’s videos from time to time, however he with success runs his own quality likewise. He will be known as a social media star currently. Over 1.9 million people follow his Instagram profile.

Nathan Schwandt Gay or Not ?

The Jeffree Star Nathan Schwandt story began in 2015, and it continues until these days. They met one another on Instagram. They were chatting a lot and creating video calls, and so Jeffree invited his future boyfriend to los angeles. it had been the place wherever all this story started. As we tend to already recognize, Schwandt moved to California to live along with his love. though they need lived along for a few years already, the couple isn’t planning to get married nevertheless. they need an out of this world trust-level in their relationships. Jeffree is aware of Nathan’s phone password, and he is aware of Jeffree’s password. they need no secrets within their very little family, that by the manner, consists of the Jeffree, Nathan and their five dogs. They decision their dogs “babies”, and every of them features a name that starts with letter D. Those babies are diva, Diamond, Daddy, Delicious and Drama.

There is no clear answer to the question of whether or not Nathan Schwandt straight or not. There are such a big amount of rumours on it issue. the general public suppose that if he features a man, he should be gay too. Although, the man himself did not confirm or reject these rumours. Plus, once he appeared in one in all his partner’s videos, he told that he was straight till he met Jeffree Star. Those were his words. are they true or not? nobody is aware of. perhaps it was a joke; perhaps it had been not. As we’ve same before, there are not any proofs of him being gay or straight.

Nathan Schwandt Net worth

The main Schwandt’s occupation is being an internet star. He with success runs his own Instagram account and helps his man in business. His internet value in 2018 was calculable to be regarding 500,000 U.S. dollars. He and his man are still living in los angeles, California in Jeffree’s house.

When you “open” the Instagram beauty world for yourself, typically you notice Jeffree Star there. when you get to know this beauty blogger higher, you find out that he has a man. have you ever ever thought that his man, Nathan Schwandt, is really that one who encouraged Jeffree to try to to what he’s doing now? From some purpose of read, we are able to say that Jeffree Star’s success was created because of Nathan Schwandt and in some sense, it is true.

Nathan Schwandt height, Weight and Body Measurements

His height is 175 cm or 5 feet 9 inches. As for his weight, Nathan is 72 kg. His shoe size is 8 (US). Some parts of his body are covered with tattoos. As for the colour of his eyes and hair, his eyes are hazel, and his hair colour is brown Protection Status