Jack Black Net Worth, Biography, Career, Quick Fact And Age 2020

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Jack Black Net Worth, Biography, Career, Quick Fact And Age 2020

Quick Fact About Jack Black

Net Worth: $30 Million
Age: 49
Born: August 28, 1969
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor/Comedian

Thomas Jacob “Jack” Black is an American performer, comic, and entertainer from Santa Monica. We for the most part know him for his exhibitions in satire films including ‘Shallow Hal’ (2001), ‘School of Rock’ (2003), ‘Ruler Kong’ (2005), ‘The Holiday’ (2006) and ‘Tropic Thunder’ (2008).

Dark has been named for two Golden Globe Awards and he is the lead vocalist of the stone gathering ‘Relentless D’ which was shaped in 1994.

Starting at 2019, Jack Black’s total assets is around evaluated to be $30 million dollars.

Jack Black Net Worth, Biography, Career, Quick Fact And Age 2020

Early Life

Thomas Jacob “Jack” Black was conceived in Santa Monica, California on the 28th of August, 1969.

Dark is the child of Thomas William and Judith Love, his mom was brought into the world Jewish and his dad changed over to Judaism. Dark was brought up in a Jewish confidence and went to a Hebrew school in his initial a very long time in school.

At the point when Black was at 10 years old his folks separated and he moved to Culver City with his dad. For secondary school, Black went to Poseidon School and furthermore Crossroads School where he exceeded expectations in show.

The next year he dropped out from school to seek after his profession in motion picture excitement.


Jack Black enrolled in UCLA where he made colleague with Tim Robbins who acquainted him with ‘The Actor’s Gang’. Tim Robbins acquainted Jack Black with the acting scene and was the explanation that Jack made his acting presentation in 1992.

Dark showed up in different acting jobs on TV including ‘Northern Exposure’, ‘The Innocent’, ‘The X-Files’, ‘Picket Fences’ and ‘Life Goes On’.

Dark later showed up in little jobs in motion pictures, for example, ‘Destruction’, ‘Airborne’, ‘The Fan’, ‘Waterworld’, ‘The Cable Guy’, ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Mars Attacks!’. Collecting the consideration of the motion picture industry with his exhibitions he packed away driving jobs in the films including ‘Nacho Libre’, ‘Shallow Hal’, ‘Year One’, ‘Relentless D in The Pick of Destiny’ and ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.

In 2009 he featured in ‘Yo Gabba!’ where he additionally sang melodies. Dark showed up in obscurity parody ‘Bernie’ where he assumed the job of ‘Bernie Tiede’. Dark’s job was generally welcomed by pundits.

Jack Black featured in the Dan Harmon show ‘Computerman’, ‘Laserfart’ and ‘Timebelt’. He likewise showed up in ‘Awesometown’ as George Washington who assumed acknowledgment for different presidents achievements.

In 2012 Black recorded a melody for the Libary of Congress named ‘Book People Unite’ alongside different famous people. Dark recorded a melody for ‘The Doomstar Requiem’ which was the fourth collection of the metal band ‘Dethklok’.

Dark has featured alongside a wide scope of fruitful entertainers, including any semblance of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

Jack Black’s total assets is generally $30 million dollars.


Here are the absolute best features of Jack Black’s vocation:

Diligent D (Rock Band, 1994)

Shallow Hal (Movie, 2001)

School of Rock (Movie, 2003)

MTV Movie Award (Best Comedian, 2004)

Lord Kong (Movie, 2005)

The Holiday (Movie, 2006)

Tropic Thunder (Movie, 2008)

VGX Award for Best Voice (2009)

Gulliver’s Travels (Movie, 2010)

Bernie (Movie, 2011)

Broken Age (Video Game, 2014)

Goosebumps (Movie, 2015)

Audie Award for Young Listeners (2016)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Movie, 2017)

The House With a Clock in Its Walls (Movie, 2018)

Jack Black Net Worth, Biography, Career, Quick Fact And Age 2020