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Hello good evening guys?
Hope you are all doing good?

We sincerely apologize for the slow down of activities on our website and this was as a result of some technical issues we are facing on our website (though we have got a back up plan to make all things work well again)

First of all we wanna sincerely apologize for the pending Nars payment that’s yet to be concluded,we assure you your payment is certain but would be simultaneously.

Now please let’s quickly understand that the NARS earnings or payment simply depicts “”Naijalift advertising revenue “. .. these are revenue gotten from adverts placement on our website which we In return shared to members, but as at last two weeks we had some issue with our ads account and it has affected the ads revenue which was to be disbursed respectively to eligible members.

That was the reason why we decided to change the website design and some other stuffs to see if we could get back our ads account and do the needful, but unfortunately it’s becomes pending and this isn’t good for a young and rising platform.

As it is now, we would be having a subsidiary for Naijalift, Naijalift domain can’t serve ads and yield Nars earnings as it was designed for.

So there would be a migration to a new server with a change of earning scheme so we can serve the purpose it’s created for.

We would be using www.nldairy.com.ng as a subsidiary to Naijalift

NL simply means “Naijalift ” so it basically means “Naijalift dairy”

NLDAIRY was created long ago to help young writers who are good in writing stories, articles ad other stuffs, they actually get paid to write stories and articles but as it is now, we would be using NLDAIRY domain as the Host domain for Naijalift, so it means all activities would be on www.nldairy.com.ng

You should also know that the earning scheme would be changed ((we would no longer operate the same way we operate before)

The new Earning scheme would go thus >>

Daily login= N50
Sponsored post =N200
Referral bonus =N600
Submitting of stories and articles =N50
First to comment on sponsored post =N200 airtime
Top commenter =N2000 weekly

Conversion of Nars to airtime/data== 2000 Nars balance conversion to N1000 airtime /1gb data

Conversion of Nars to coupon code ==3000 Nars balance equals to a coupon code

No minimum withdrawal for those with at least 1 referrals

Minimum withdrawAL of N2500 for those without referrals

Payments >> payments done on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays ( Sundays for non-referals )

Registration fee =N1500

But as it is now transferring everyone to the new system would be another bone on our neck since 90% of members we have are non-referals which depend only on Nars earnings, so we are urging all existing members to sign up with just N1200 instead of N1500 for migration to the new system and site.

Please we know how bad and hurting this may sound but we have to face the truth and do the what’s needful to sustain this platform ( which is why we erased the news earning method of earnings and replace with the incoming one )

Please note all those who requested for Nars payment would all be cleared simultaneously, your records are with us and we would clear off the list radually, so there isn’t anything like scam, it’s just a challenge!

We just employ you to be part of the new movement and know the way forward!

We would be done with the NLDAIRY website soon enough, our technicians are already working on it and it would be ready soon, it would kick start shortly and I would let you know about further updates!

Let’s all please use less vulgar words because I know how it actually feels, words can’t really express how we feel too and trust me I giving you a 100 percent assurance that you would be paid in the new system because we have tracked some of the shortcomings we had and fixed it !

Now let’s begin to make the real legit online money with no fears or being scammed!

NOTE>> Naijalift.com isn’t shutting down, you can still get along with your activities, but please ensure you tell whoever intending to join that payment is strictly for those with 2 referrals at least since the source of the ads revenue isn’t available now, we would still be approving posts, paying out but it would be for those with atleast 2 referrals. .Now if you want to join a platform where you don’t need referrals to get paid, NLDairy.com.ng is the place you should be!

We apologize once again for all dissapointments,change of polices and every other inconveniences this might cause you. .

Please we are not shutting down but only evolving!

now do you want to evolve with us?

I hope so!

For further enquiries kindly whatsapp >>08132942638 ( please no calls )

Thanks for being patient enough!

We appreciate everyone of you!
You are the real MVPS!

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  1. So that means the 100 we paid for naijalift will be waste because we will still pay to move to that your Soo called nldairy

  2. To refer people,you have to show them proof of money earned first,how do I refer when have not been paid for once, and then u want us to register again with from our pockets,this is not healthy policy ,d admins should reconsider their decisions..else am afraid ,most people would be discouraged ,one naira isn’t easy in Nigeria of today

  3. Seriously am down hearted right now that I have 6000 Nars earning on naijalift and you are saying am not going to get paid because I don’t have referral….. please let the admin do something about this too…. It’s not encouraging at all….

  4. To refer people,you have to show them proof of money earned first,how do I refer when have not been paid for once, and then u want us to register again with from our pockets,this is not healthy policy ,d admins should reconsider their decisions..else am afraid ,most people would be discouraged ,one naira isn’t easy in Nigeria of today

  5. Dis is jus heartbreaking pple wan to see our prove of payment before dey enrolled in,pple hav really invest in alot of Ponzi scheme nd dey were disappointed,u guys need to be legit nd stand out,try nd wok tins out for beta,av not been paid nd u want me to reg again wit anoda Money…… I seeeeee

  6. what to do i thought they said naijalift is different but it’s jst d xame hullabaloo again starting with something and doing sumthing else again.What’s all dis abt?

  7. How will I refer again with my money, when i registered with 1k and didn’t earn nothing yet u expected me to bring out another money to re-register , it can’t be done

  8. After more than a month I should really register .am sure when I re-register this same thing will happen….. Why not pay us before you introduce this new system

  9. I can’t believe this anymore, I thought naijalift is the best I don’t know they are frauder.i regret of joining


  11. hmmm it’s rough though by its okay I, just, thought it would have been better if all of us that have been in naijalift could be transfered to the other platform without paying another money, it would have been better.

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