How We Work


NAIJALIFT is a platform created to empower and impact Nigerians by mapping out how they could earn legitimately from our website by doing couple of things online with their smart phone. .

NAIJALIFT is a platform registered under Nigerian corporate affairs commission and it’s an out-growth of SPEK TECHNOLOGICAL VENTURES

BELOW are the ways you could earn massively on NAIJALIFT

First of all we have two categories of earnings,  we have the NARS (NAIJALIFT advertising revenue share) and NAF (NAIJALIFT affiliate earnings )

The NAIJALIFT affiliate earnings is commissions you receive from inviting your friends  (i.e referral bonus )

>>these earnings can now be withdrawn on a daily basis, as long as you have up to 1200 NAF , you can request for withdraw anytime and get paid within the next 6 hrs.

NAIJALIFT NARS >> These are activities earnings,  these are earnings you earn from doing the regular activities like daily login, reading News, commenting,  posting articles and sharing of sponsored post.

These earnings are now available for withdrawal on the 26th of every month  ( All NARS are requested on the 26th of each month, then payment begins from 27th-30th )


1●● DAILY LOGIN (N50) ( we pay you N50 naira daily when you login your account on our website )

2●●SPONSORED POST  (N100 ) ( we pay you N100 for sharing sponsored post or adverts on your Facebook time-line daily)

3●●READING /OPENING NEWS  (N3) ( we pay you N3 once you open any news or articles on our website )

4●●COMMENTING  (N2) ( we pay you N2 when you comment on any news or articles on our website

5●●SHARING OF POST /ARTICLES  (N100 FOR EACH ) ( members are now allowed to share post and articles and get paid for it after approval by the admin, please note>> we only accept fresh content,  we don’t approve any copied and duplicate content )

6●●REFERRAL BONUS  (N600) ( You get a whopping 600naira bonus when someone registers with your link or uses your username on the registration form, please note>> You can now withdraw your referral bonus anytime, anyday as long as you have up to 1200, you would get paid within six hours after requesting )

7●●FIRST PERSON TO SHARE AND COMMENT ON SPONSORED POST  (N500 Airtime) ( be the first person to share and comment on sponsored post and get 500naira airtime of your choice )

8●●HIGHEST AFFILIATE EARNER FOR THE WEEK (N2000) ( GOODNEWS!! We now reward the top affiliate earner for the week 2000naira. We would announce the top earner for the week and credit him or her with an extra 2000naira as sign of encouragement and appreciation )

9●●INCLUDING WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS EVERY FRIDAYS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE  (airtime, cash prizes and other sort of freebies)

Minimum withdrawal for those with referrals =1200 ( can request anytime and get paid within 6hrs)

Minimum withdrawal for those without referrals =4000 ( withdrawals on television 26th of every month )

These are undoubtedly cool ways you could earn massively on our platform!

You could be making up to 50k on a weekly basis, if you plug in the right way!

Note>> All referral earnings can be withdrawn on a daily basis as long as you have the threesold of N1200.( so you can be making over 5k daily and get paid the same day? Wonderful right?  YES YES. No more insufficient funds)

All NARS earnings are paid on a monthly basis on the 26th of every month !

To get started you can either register online on the website with your master card or you can use the coupon code to register  ( to get a coupon code kindly get in touch with our coupon code distributor, pay the sum of N1000 to their account and you would be given a code to register and get started )

What are you waiting for?

Get started already!