Highest Paying Course

Highest Paying Course In Nigeria Currently

1. Accounting and Finance

Accounting is one of the best courses to study
in Nigeria.
Accountants are needed in all professional field.
They can work in
different places and companies such as airports,
banks, churches,
hospitals, schools, hotels, supermarkets, etc.
The can work in all
government establishments as well. With a
degree in accounting,
there is a great career ahead of you. You can
work in different
financial positions in any establishment. After
getting your
Bachelor’s degree in accounting, you should
plan to do a
professional certification examination, Masters,
and a doctorate in
different sub-fields of Accounting.

2. Agriculture Science

Agricultural Science is a broad interdisciplinary
field of agriculture
and biology. Having a degree in this course will
open you to many
career opportunities depending on the
educational track you chose
to follow. You will be prepared for jobs that are
related to the
science and business side of agriculture.
Agricultural science is
broad that is why after you have completed your
first degree, you
will have the opportunity to further your
education in other related

3. Architecture

Architecture is one of the top courses studied in
Nigeria today. One
thing studying architecture guarantees is that
you can work for a
building firm and work privately at the same
time. Architects will
always be needed for the designing and
construction of buildings
and other structures.

4. Biochemistry

There is no much explanation for these, but
among the science
courses in Nigeria, Biochemistry is becoming
quite popular.
Biochemistry is the study of the chemical
process about living
organisms. It is an interdisciplinary course of
both biology and
chemistry, and it is divided into three broad
fields which are
molecular genetics, protein science, and

5. Business Administration

Business administration is a broad field that
incorporates different
types of management positions. From
independent businesses to
major corporations, they all need trained
administrators for them
to succeed. And business administration degree
holders are those
that handle the managerial, organizational, and
responsibilities of a company or firm. With a
degree in this course,
there are many lucrative, respected, and well-
paying opportunities
you can get.

6. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering is among
the top courses in
Nigeria. And you don’t need to think too far to
know why it is
so. Petroleum is the bedrock of the Nigerian
economy currently.
And petroleum companies are among the best
paying companies in
Nigeria. So regarding career options and
financial reward, this
course ranks among the top in the country.

7. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the top engineering
courses in Nigerian
universities. It is a professional engineering
course that deals with
design, construction, and maintenance of the
natural and
physically built environment and constructions
such as airports,
bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, sewerage
systems, roads, and

8. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

Computer Engineering and Information
Technology are the top
courses studied in Nigeria and all over the
world. We are in the
computer age and the information technology
sector is one of the
fastest growing sectors today. Professionals in
this field are in high
demand everywhere in the world especially ones
who have special
IT skills. And there are many wonderful career
prospects with this
course. The downside is that you can learn
special IT skills without
going to the university. But the course still ranks
among the top
courses studied in Nigerian universities.

9. Economics

Economics is a top social science course in
Nigeria. You can work
in almost any establishment or firm with a
degree in Economics.
This course works hand in hand with
Accounting, and they have
some similarities. Although economics is
broader because it does not
only deal with money but also with the factors of
demand and
supply of money and everything related to the

10. Electrical Engineering

Generally, engineering courses are among the
most sought-after
courses in Nigeria. And among the engineering
courses, Electrical
Engineering is one of the top courses people
apply for every year.
Electrical Engineering deals with the study and
application of
electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.
Although job
opportunities for Electrical Engineers are not
readily available, it
remains one of the best courses to study in

11. Estate Management

Estate Management is one of the popular
environmental courses in
Nigeria. It is a course that deals with the
appraisal, evaluation,
acquisition, development, and marketing of
building property.
Primarily, estate managers deal with the
valuation and
management of buildings and land in both the
private and public
In the most developed countries, this course has
many unbelievable
opportunities already. Career opportunities in
Nigeria might not be
as they are in developed countries, but there are
opportunities for Estate managers in Nigeria.
Estate managers can
easily get self-employed in the country. The
good thing is that there
is not much competition to study this course, so
opportunities are
easy to come by for most graduates. And with
the growing
population of Nigeria, this course is one of the
best courses to
study for the future.

12. Geology

Geology is not a popular course in our country,
but we have
discovered that it is among the top courses to
study in Nigeria.
This is because graduates of the course are
among the most sought
after by oil companies. Geology students learn
about earth structure
and its events such as earthquakes, floods,
landslides and volcanic
eruptions so that they can be able to determine
areas that are safe
for buildings and other things. They also
investigate earth metals,
minerals, oil, natural gas and water, and
methods to extract them.
Although not many people study this course in
our country, it is
still ranked among the best courses in Nigeria.
Geology is very
interesting, and if you love the science of the
earth and you are
inquisitive about it, I think it will be a great
course for you.

13. Law

Law is the top best art course in Nigeria. Law
students even have
their special black and white dress code that
makes them unique on
campus. Even though the economic value of
Law in Nigeria has
declined in recent years, there is still the
prestige of being a lawyer
that makes Law one of the top best courses in
the country. And
there is the pride of fulfillment after passing the
Nigeria Bar
Association exam and being called to bar in
Nigeria which is
probably due to the competitiveness.

14. Mass Communication

It is one of the best university courses in
Nigeria. But not many
Nigerian universities offer this course because
they do not have the
facilities to train students in this field. Some of
the top universities
that offer Mass Communication include Obafemi
University, the University of Lagos, the University
of Ilorin, the
University of Nigeria, etc. You can find a full list
of schools that
offer the course inside the JAMB brochure.

15. Marketing

After Accounting and Economics, Marketing is
probably the next
top social science course to study in Nigeria.
This is because
graduates of this course are needed by almost
any firm, company,
organization, etc. that are looking to make
progress and stay
relevant in a competitive market. And only
professionals in this
field have the necessary marking skills through
training to help
every company/firm establish their brand and
keep making profits.

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