Top 10 Best Nigerian Female Hair Style Men Love See (Best Of All Time)

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If you would like your boyfriend, fiance or partner to fall more for you, then contemplate rocking any of those 10 hairstyles subsequent time you visit a salon.

10. Cornrows

This is the closest to a natural hair style any girl will carry. Cornrow makes one look younger, permits air in, and provides the hair ample time to grow. it’s value effective and time effective (both in creating and in loosening). No Hausa or Fulani man would like to see his married woman or betrothed in an exceedingly additional subtle hair than cornrows – he sees you simply the method you’re.

9. Low Cut

Constant creating of hair will have negative effects on the hair – breakage, hair discolouration and in severe cases, inferior growth. Some ladies typically expertise headaches because of constant pulling-stress long-faced by the head/hair. At times, it’s suggested to require a clear stage and permit air to the touch the scalp.

Most models like to rock this hairstyle because it showcases all their distinctive face expression, departure no detail uncovered. Celebrities like Onyeka Onwenu, Chidinma Ekile and Tai Long St. George are on this hairstyle for a minute currently and it’s superb however well they carry it.

8. Braids

You can ne’er fail with braids. Nigerian men like to see braids on their ladies as a result of it forever appearance nice, particularly once fresh created. Braids square measure a mixture of ancient and trendy sophistication of the African girl. All you wish do is to form your braids with somebody whose works square measure prolific. Also, packing it in numerous ways in which provides your face a spread of nice appearance and reduces the possibilities of boring your man with an ordinary look.

7. Dreadlocks

Known as the Rastafarian signature hair, dreadlocks square measure wanted by men too. It provides the carrier a sensible and daring look, and you don’t got to worry regarding visiting a salon each different weekend. a person like Charlie Boy would most undoubtedly like his partner to wear no different hair however dreadlocks.

6. The Bun

This is the traditional wedding look. Bun, whether or not with natural or artificial hair, makes a girl look innocent and provides her eyes a fish look, that most men realize horny. it’s most times utilized by brides and there square measure alternative ways to form it look additional engaging. carrying this hairstyle provides you freedom from hair strands touching your back and neck. And If you have got a reasonably neck, why not let your partner see it.

5. Brazilian Hair

You might marvel why Brazilian hair isn’t preferred on this list, as standard because it is. Well, that’s the issue because of its quality, Brazilian hair has become rampant to the purpose wherever nearly each lady carrying it portrays identical look.

You wouldn’t need to wear one thus typically and confuse your man regarding your identity cos you may be trying like each different lady on the road. If he’s the one shopping for the hair for you, then he undoubtedly can hate it in an exceedingly method, not as a result of it’s not beautiful on you, however as a result of it drains his pocket.

4. Ghana Weave

Seven out of each 10 ladies on the road have Ghana weaves on. it’s one in all the foremost standard hairstyles in Nigeria and most men like it. though it’s celebrated to interrupt out the front a part of the hair, it’ll be nice to administer your man that look once in an exceedingly whereas, thus he doesn’t catch on outside the window.

3. Straw Curls

Nigerian ladies aren’t naturally blessed crisp hair, however we will forever produce one thing out of what we’ve got. Generally, curls look nice and it makes one seem young and saucy. the foremost fashionable method of giving your hair a naturally crisp look is with Straw curls. This hairstyle created an enormous return in late 2012 when departure the hair scene within the 1990s It’s a stronger version of perms and men simply love seeing their ladies having that modern-old faculty look, once in an exceedingly whereas.

2. Ponytail

Ponytail hair is sometimes the quickest hair to form and therefore the best to keep up. It provides associate degree intermediate look and if you have got small crisp hair at the sides of your head it adds to the sweetness.

1. Afro-textured Hair

Admit it, men like to see ladies go natural. this is often the a way they’ll access the chance of their female offspring having sensible hair too. other than that, it’s forever sensible to require off your withered hair and grow your Afro-textured hair, this can facilitate it regain its groove before you begin applying chemicals once more. Afro-textured hair is that the latest hair modish for many Nigerian ladies.