The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Freebies

If you become a first-class freebie hunter you will enjoy several benefits; it will not only will it help your daily budget sometimes but also can help you gain access to products before they are sold to the public.

Everyone loves a good freebie and luckily, many websites are actually glad to offer them to you. Even though many of the websites will mainly list similar products, you need to ensure that you get the very best to avoid wasting time trawling through junk.

Visiting Websites That Offer Freebies

Websites such as All Free Stuff offer freebies, once they acquire them while others are created exclusively to connect users with free products that others are giving away.

FreeCycle is probably the best resource for finding completely free stuff. On the website you can scour your location for items that people are giving away for free. The items can vary from bikes to sofas or even just old stuff but are typically of decent quality and certainly worth more than what you spend to acquire them.

The major drawback is that you will need to collect the items yourself, which makes FreeCycle a great resource for modes of transport including bikes but less than ideal for such items as wardrobes that you cannot easily ride home yourself.

Gumtree and Freegle are other great resources for finding freebies

Meeting the people who are giving away the free items is usually not dangerous but it is always advisable to ensure that you are comfortable and safe when you are collecting any freebies. It is always a great idea to exercise caution.

Getting the Most Out Of Free Trials

Companies usually attempt to lure people into subscribing to products that they sell by offering free trials. Many people that take up the free trial usually never bother to cancel their subscriptions, which is exactly what the companies are hoping for. Some of the best free trials include: 

Tastecard – Free 30 Day Membership then £79.99 per year

Xbox Live Gold Trial– Free 1 month Membership then £5.99 every month

Audible – 1 free audiobook then £7.99 every month

Amazon Instant Video – Free 1 month trial then £5.99 every month

Netflix – Free 1 month trial then £5.99 every month

You may be put off when you are doing this considering that you typically have to provide your debit/credit card details upfront but if you are careful and remember to cancel the membership before the expiry of the free trial you will not be charged. The easiest way to do this is by setting a notification on your phone, laptop, or email calendar reminding you to cancel the subscription one day before the free trial expires.

Complimenting A Brand

Being nice to a brand can help you get as much free stuff as you do when you complain about bad products. Write either a letter or email to a brand informing them why you are in love with their products and that you would be glad if they would send you free products.

Ensure that you have personalized the emails and you can be sure to receive a better response. No brand will give away free products to a person that is a big fan of INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE.

Is it really worth it?

We have heard stories of people that have received lots of free products from brands by simply complimenting them. Free products can range from coupons for Ben and Jerry’s to free burritos at Chipotle.

If you can be bothered, it is definitely worth doing but you can expect to send off a good number of letters for each freebie you receive and for the freebies to take some time to arrive.

If it is your birthday, you can now get all the free stuff that you desire.

Many companies and restaurants love to give away free stuff to those celebrating their birthday. Check the guide we have provided to see the kind of stuff you can expect to get on your birthday. Our favorites include:

La Tasca: If you spend £30 at La Tasca two weeks either side of your birthday you will receive a free bottle of Cava. You will need to book ahead of time in the name of the birthday boy/girl.

Barburrito: Get a Burritometer loyalty card in a physical store, register it online and on your birthday you will be emailed a voucher for a free burrito.

Krispy Kreme: If you become a Friend of Krispy Kreme you will receive a free original glazed doughnut right away. In addition, you will be emailed a voucher for yet another free doughnut on your birthday.

We really hope that you have enjoyed this guide. We would like to hear from you what your freebie tips are below.

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