great tips for 2019 jamb

Hey guys!!!
Let me give you some tip for your jamb!!
() Please on the day don’t panic at all as in
no fear!! If you can go with your phone,
go with it but make sure there is a friend
that follows you home so you will give him or her your phone!!
() Don’t read on the day!! As in relax your
brain settle down!!
() Please dress appropriately!!! Cuz I can
remember last year at unilorin, a girl
wearing mini skirt and short top was sent back home to go and change!!! She later
lent a wrapper at the rate of #200 from
unilorin students ()Don’t go with things that can implicate
you like “ wrist watch , band, long
earrings, phone and Even a pen!!! You are
allowed to use only pencil!!! ”
() If you are the type of person that was
given a micro chip that you should insert it to the system am sorry that is the end of your jamb because
immediately u insert it , there is where
they call (control room), this room was
being equipped by highly trained
computer operator, so they monitor all
activities!!!! At the time I wrote my first and last jamb, my center was unilorin CBT
4 so my seat, the system there is faulty so
when the exam started, my computer
didn’t on for about 10mins I was raising
up my hand to Lodge a complaint but non
of the exam officials looked at my side after about 20minutes gone!! What
happened amamzed me!!!! A man just
came in and shouted attention he said “
seat number 145 where are you? I raised
up my hand, and they came to me and
asked why I haven’t started my exam yet surprising isn’t it?? Experience is the best teacher!! Please don’t try anything
funny with the system…
()You might have an experience that all
official will just go out one by one, please
and please!! There are hidden CCTV
camera everywhere you won’t know!! Last year some results where withheld!!!
Those are the people that either talked
during the exam or misconduct
That for reading best of all lucks in your

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