Fattest Woman In The World Full Report On All You Need to Know About Her

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ARIZONA – Most brides want to slim down for their
weddings, but 33-year-old Susanne Eman of Arizona
is trying to do the opposite.
Hoping to realise her dream of becoming the world’s
fattest person, she got engaged to chef Parker Clack,
35, who reportedly loves nothing better than to fatten
her up.
In early 2012, she already weighed a hefty 756
pounds (342kg) and hoped to more than double her
weight to a whopping 1,610 pounds (730kg) to beat
the current world record holder.
In her race to pile on the pounds, she gobbled up
22,000 calories a day. On some days, she even ate
30,000 calories. To put things into perspective, the
recommended daily caloric intake for an average
person is 2,000 calories.
Here’s what Eman’s average daily intake looked like:
4 to 5 donuts
7 egg omelets with a cup and a half of cheese and a
package of ham
4 to 5 potatoes made into hashbrowns
Full package of bacon
4 corndogs dipped in nacho cheese
Full-sized bag of potato chips
Couple of strawberries
Large pepperoni pizza
2 bowls of ice cream
1 bag of peanut M&Ms
2 bacon cheeseburgers
1 box of Mac ‘N’ Cheese
3 bananas
6 avocados made into guacamole
1 full bag of chips
10 fish tacos
Rice and beans
1 full bag of honey buns
1 box of hot pocket potatoes
1 bag of pepperoni
With one full meal able to satisfy her for a mere 45
minutes, she barely had time to eat one meal before
she was preparing for the next. Eman was
consuming 11 times the amount of food a normal
woman eats.
She estimated that she should be able to reach her
target by the age of 41 or 42 – if she doesn’t drop
dead first.

A new superstar in 2017 and 2018 is Charity Pierce. She went
through the TV program My 600-lb Life, where her weight was
staggering 346 kg. She is one of the largest patients on the
show and the world’s fattest woman, but she was ok with her
weight for quite a long time. Only her relatives insisted on her
going through surgery to slim down.
Charity also went through the plastic surgery to get rid of
almost 18 kg of skin. She used to say, that she was a prisoner
of her own body. She didn’t expect that losing fat could be
that hard for her. One of the biggest problem for her was the
series of multiple skin surgeries. She had to go back to the
hospital several times to cut off her excessive skin.

It was hard to keep making progress for the world’s heaviest
woman, especially with psychological issues. She had to go
through psychological treatment as she couldn’t cope with
losing weight easily. Still, she also wanted to be slim for her
future husband.
At the very beginning of her path, Charity dropped from eating
10,000 calories per day to 1,200 calories. She also started
exercising a lot and even poor results in the first weeks of
losing fat did not stop her. She had to go through as she was
in deep love to her future husband.
Why is it so difficult to name the fattest woman alive? Well,
there are reasons for that. Officially, the Guinness record of
293.6 kg has not been beaten yet. It means that despite
fantastic stories that you hear on the news and even read her,
it’s problematic to name the fattest woman in the world. It’s
needed to get a team of specialists to fix the result.
At the same time, you can see that there is another woman in
the world whose weight is more than 293 kg. Her story is quite
fascinating and provided to be filled with love. The support of
her close friends and relatives is what she needs right now!
Nevertheless, the story of this poor fattest woman in the
world should help readers understand that obesity is a real
problem that must be dealt with immediately. Hopefully, some
of the stories really have a happy ending.

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