1 >> what is Naijalift income programme?

ans >> Naijalift is basically a programme or platform designed to curb financial trauma in our society by introducing a system where members could earn online by doing couple of things with their smart phones. This is a something that could be done by anyone, students, mothers, fathers, employed, unemployed ,as long as you have a phone with Internet acesss you can actual make money off the Internet!

2>> How do I earn from Naijalift ?

ans>> YOU can earn from doing couple of things, as a matter of fact we have close to 10 ways you could earn from this platforms! What are they?

• You get 150 naira as sign up bonus ( it means when you register successfully you get a cash back of 150 naira in your dashboard )

•you get 50 naira for daily login ( it literally means we pay you 50 naira when you login your account daily)

• You get 100naira for sharing our sponsored post or adverts (whenever you share our post on your social media account e.g Facebook, you get 100naira )

•You get 4 naira for reading each news ( immediately you open a news and read you get 4 naira awarded to you istantly)( this is unlimited, you can read as many news you can)

•You get 2 naira for each valid comments you make on any news or update ( you can comment as much as possible )

•We also have the daily discussion aspect where we put out a vital and sensitive topics, members are expected to air their views and give their take on such issues and the most commendable comment or contributor gets awarded with 500 naira airtime (this is a daily bonus)

•We also do weekly giveaways on our Facebook group where we give out airtimes, cash rewards and other freebies to active members

•We also pay 60% affiliate commission to members who refer or invite their friends ( you get 600 ref bonus for each person you refer or invite to this platform )

3>> When do I get paid and how do I get paid?

ans > You get paid directly to your bank account weekly (usually withdrawals are on Saturdays while payments are done on Sundays ( so the withdrawal form comes out on Saturdays, members are expected to fill the form and await payments on Sunday )

4>> What do I need to join? What are the requirements needed to be a member of Naijalift?

ans>> to be a member of Naijalift you would need to have a Facebook account or page, an email adress, a valid phone number, a valid bank details, a device connected to Internet and your one time sign up fee of 1000naira which you use to purchase coupon code to get acesss to our system (contact our coupon code vendors for more info)

5>> is referral compulsory?

ans — No referring isn’t , we pay both afiilaite members and non-affiliate members but we pay non referral members every two weeks ( reason being that we wanna utilize maximumly all avenues of revenue to make sure non-referrals members benefits )

6> > Is there any minimum withdrawal or threesold?

ans >> Yes , the minimum withdrawal is 3000naira, members who didn’t meet up the threesold gets rolled over to the next week

7>> Is there any maximum amount one can earn or withdraw?

ans == there is no maximum amount you can earn or withdraw, as long as your earns are legit, you get paid in full!

8>> Is Naijalift a registered company?

ans ^^ Yes it is registered under nigeria coperate affairs commission hence it’s a legal entity having its office in lagos Nigeria.

9>> How do Naijalift generates it’s revenue used in paying it’s members?

ans>> Naijalift generates revenue from advertisers and as well as advertising companies like goggle, jiji,Jumia and co!!

We now in return share part of our revenue generated with active members!

10>>is Naijalift worldwide? ?

ans– No, it’s only restricted to Nigerians for now, we hope to create a boat that would take people from all over the country soon!