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Bob Marley was born on 6, February 1945, his full name is Robert Nesta Marley, in St. Ann’s Perish, Jamaica, to a white father while his mother is a black teenager.
At the age of 14, Bob Marley left home so that he can purse his music career in Kingston.


Bob Marley was born on February 2, 1945, in St. Ann Perish, in Jamaica, Bob Marley is the one that introduce Reggae music to the world and he still one of the greatest reggae star till date, he lives in St. Ann Perish, a village that is also called Nine Miles.
Neville Bunny O’Relly Livingston is one of this best friend in his village St. Ann Perish, they attend the same school, he loves music just like Bob Marley, he was also one of the member of the Willing Wailers.

In 1950 Bob Marley relocate to Kingston, one of the poorest village in Jamaica, Marley struggle in poverty during this moment of his life, but he didn’t give up, there are some successful local musician in Trench Town, they are called the Motown of Jamaica.
Bob Marley listen to United States sounds through jukeboxes and over the radio, he listens to artist like, Fat Domino, Ray Charles, the Drifters and Elvis Presley.
Bob Marley was guided by Joe Higgs including his friends Livingston, during his training in Higgs’s place he met Peter McIntosh, who later known as Peter Tosh.


Marley and friends Livingston, Peter Tosh and others form a music group called The Willing Wailers, in 1963, the Willers was a successful group untill they landed a contract with Island Records

In 1962, he released his first single titled “Judge Not” for Leslie Kong, he later form a group with Cherry Smith, Peter Tosh, Junior Braithwaite , Beverly Kelso and Bunny Livingston, it was a vocal group, called The Wailers, then sign Coxsone Dodd’s legendary studio, he produce for the group during this period. they released their debut, “I’m Still Waiting”, later Cherry Smith and Junior Braithwaite leave the group in 1964, they released another single the same year titled “Simmer Down”, this song was so popular especially in Jamaica, they also release other single including, “Dance Shoes”, “Let Him Go”, “Who Feels It Knows It”.
The Wailers record over 70 tracks for Dodd before it was disbranding In 1966.


Bob Marley got married on February 10, 1966, his wife name is Rita Anderson, she is also a singer in a group called The Soulettes, she later move to the I-Threes.


Bob Marley return back to Jamaica after he have left in 1963 for Newark, Delaware, his mother’s town.

he came back after three years and he rebuild the Wailers with Tosh and Livingston, they release “Bend Down Low”.
In 1960, Bob Marley and Johnny Nash a pop singer, work together they release “Stir It Up”.

Bob Marley and his group Wailers also work with Lee Perry during this period, they release “Soul Rebel”, “Trench Town Rock” and ” Four Hundred Years”. these single was successful everybody loves it and it was popular.

In 1970, the Wailers add new members, Aston “Family Man” Barrectt, “Carlton Carlie Barrectt” a drummer, Bob Marley and his group work with Johnny Nash in Sweden.


Bob Marley is the supporter of the People’s National Party and his influence became a threat to the opposite party the PNP.
This lead to his assassination attempt in 1976, a group of gunmen attacked Marley and his group Wailers, two days before their concert in Kingston’s National Heroes Park, when they were rehearsing on the night of December 3, 1976, one bullet struck Bob Marley in the sternum, while another bullet hit his wife, five bullet hit his manager Don Taylor, he needs to undergo surgery so that he can save his life.
After all Bob Marley still perform in his show, but he travel immediately after the show, He went to London, England, he work on Exodus, it was released in 1977, he wrote this music is about his exile experience, the biblical Moses, and Joshua.

Bob Marley discovered cancerous cell in his toe, doctor suggested amputation but, he refused to have any surgery because of his religion belief prohibit amputation.

Bob Marley and his group Wailers release an album in 1978 titled Kaya, In the same year Bob Marley return to Jamaica.
He perform One Love Peace Concert, in the show he have a hand shake with opposition leader Edward Seaga of the JLP and the current Prime Minister Michael Manley.


Bob Marley underwent treatment in Germany, and he was able to fight off the cancer for many months, but the doctor told him he can’t live long, he set to return to Jamaica, but he can’t complete the journey, Bob Marley die in Miami, Florida, on May 11, 1981.
Bob Marley death, was a shock and a great loss for the whole world especially in his country Jamaica.