Best Nigeria Comedy Movies Of All Time (Must Watch) ime

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Top 10 Nollywood comedy movies! Enjoy watching!

Top 10 Best Nollywood comedy movies!

10. Jenifa

This movie was created in 2008. It is a story of a village girl who tries to conquer a big city. How did she manage to get to the big city from the small village? She managed to gain an admission into a university. From her very first steps in the big city – it`s clear that she does not fit in! But she tries to change the situation and find her place.

The movie is filled with fun and hilarious situations. Jenifa is a provincial girl who had difficulties fitting in. But with enough patience, she will know what is like to be a lady in a big city. Her desperate attempts to fit in the big city life will make for many hilarious moments.

9. Spanner

It`s a pretty old movie, but it`s one of the best Nigeria comedy movies. Spanner is a man in a boy`s body. He has a desire to be close to his love, but he has a significant problem. It`s her new fiancé. Spanner does not want to have any competition, but he understands, that he has to win her love once again. To do that, he becomes a mere boy servant in her house.

Do you want to see a mix of drama and comedy? Then take a look at “Spanner.” The love story line will be appreciated by ladies, while men can laugh at the witty jokes. It`s the perfect movie if you want to create a jolly romantic movie night in your house!

8. Okon Lagos

It`s one of the best Naija Nollywood comedy movies. It is another story about a simple guy from a village who wants to find his path in a big city. Okon Lagos is a hunter from the village, but he has financial problems, and he is tired of hunting. Therefore, he decides to find a new way of earning money in a big city. Still, it`s not so easy as he imagined.

The story is filled with fun situations, where a simple guy from a small town shows his wittiness. It`s a perfect movie if you want a good laugh on a Friday night with friends and relatives.

7. Green White Green

Green White Green is one of the new Nollywood comedy movies. It was released in 2016. It is made by a group of new actors who try to find their way and express themselves. Therefore, they decide to create a movie called “Green White Green.” This movie is a fantastic satire on Nollywood dramas.

If you want to have fun and laugh, then try to give Green White Green a chance. You will learn more about Nollywood and Nigerian stereotypes from this movie. This comedy will make you laugh all day long!

6. Ojukokoro

What happens if you try to steal money from criminals? Dare Olaitan will show you in the movie, Ojukokoro. He plays a manager at a petrol station. This station also serves as a money laundering operation for a criminal gang. One day the manager decides to steal the money from the petrol station. He soon finds out that it`s not easy to fool criminals and get away with the money.

Dare Olaitan was fantastic in this movie. His charm gives a special appeal to his movie character.

5. Wives on Strike

Do not try to anger your woman or she will strike. That`s what happens in the movie “Wives on Strike.” A group of women decides to teach their husbands some manners. At the same time, they want to protect a young woman from her father. Do not miss the opportunity to see how the men react to their women`s strike.

It`s one of the must-watch Nollywood comedy movies! It`s one of the first times in the Nigerian movie history when a movie tries to make fun of gender roles in the society.

4. Fusion

This is a recent Nollywood comedy movie. It was released in 2016. It`s a romantic story of two newly married couple. They love each other, but life in a marriage is not the same as a honeymoon. They have to listen and understand each other if they want to create a firm family.

This movie is one of the must-watch Nollywood comedy movies. It`s especially true for young people who want to marry soon. The Fusion is a romantic movie for couples. Do not miss your chance to spend a movie night with your girlfriend.

3. Aki Na Ukwa A.K.A Aki and Pawpaw

It`s a classic comedy from Nollywood. Do you miss Osita Iheme or his fellow actor Chinedu Ikedieze? This movie will remind you why they are the perfect comedy actors in Nigeria. Aki and Pawpaw is a story about two mischievous brothers who do not like to follow the rules. They enjoy tricking their father and other members of their village.

If you want a good comedy that will leave you rolling with laughter, then you can try this one. Aki and Pawpaw will make your movie night unforgettable!

2. Osuofia in London

This movie created quite a fuss in 2003. It`s a story about Osuofia, a stubborn villager who wants to claim his brother`s heritage in London. Therefore, he travels to London to get what he thinks is his. Still, he has to overcome a lot of challenges to get to his dream.

It`s a classic comedy with a serious theme. It provides information about the life of Nigerians in London. How do they end up in London? – You will find out from the movie.

1. One Dollar

You shouldn`t be greedy, or you will pay for it. A married couple from the “One Dollar” movie find out the repercussion of greed in a hard way. They tried to sell their daughter for the promises of life in the USA. Still, they were hilariously punished for their greediness.

This fantastic satire will make you laugh. Do not miss it!

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