BBNaija Have A Message For Peter Okoye,jaruma And Bobrisky On Tacha Disqualified

Dear @jaruma_empire, @bobrisky222 @peterpsquare, I’m not
in support of cyber bullying or trolling so When Tacha was
disqualified, i was scared for her, for sooo many reasons,
scared of the bashing,bullying and hatred that might follow,
and trust me i wasn’t wrong. Something had to be done sooo
we don’t have a case of depression or worst,suicide and
thank God for you.
But this is just a step to sooo many unaddressed issues. I
doubt if u watch the show 24/7 soo let me give you some
1. Yes, its a reality show and we need some drama, but
tacha’s kind of drama, i bet you dont wanna be at the
recieving end, We “SANE” people watching were highly
disgusted at some point.the way she treated people is more
than worse! Curses, bashes,she has given housemates is
enough to make them fall into depression tooo.
2. You mentioned in your video she lost her mum and she
needs all the love, we’ve all been through something at some
point in life that all seem crashing, but will going around
treating people badly and being toxic change anything? DIANE
lost her dad while in school and that is the main reason why
she dropped out of school, will being toxic help or change
3. Main reason why i’m writing all this is because, you are
passing the WRONG message and signal to the youths out
there, this is not about the money, its your money and you can
decide to do anything that pleases you with it, but since you
made the gesture public, it’s only nice you address the main
reason behind the bashing and bullying too.We will be
decieving ourselves if we say tacha doesn’t have fans and
people who now look up to her as their role model. And my
main concern is that, this group of people now feel it is normal
to be rude, toxic, arrogant to mention a few! And you will still
be celebrated.
4. We still want a sane environment for our present and future
generation! What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right!!!
Don’t sweep it under the carpet! it can only get worse, this
year was worse than last year, next year we might just witness
“A LIVE DEATH ON TV” and i hope you will keep this same
energy then.
5. May our actions today not come back and bite us in future.

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