Top 15 Banking Transactions You Can Perform Using GTBank *737* Mobile Transfer Code

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The Guaranty Trust Bank popularly known as GTBANK is one
of the best commercial banks in Nigeria.
GTBANK Has been innovative and has been one of the
pioneers of online banking and has launched it’s *737* banking
services in other to make banking easier for millions of it’s
customers across Nigeria.

In this article we shall take a quick look at some of the top 15
transactions that you can carry out using the GTBank *737*
mobile transfer codes and also the codes for carrying out
each transaction.
With GTBANK’s *737* you can easily perform some
transactions such as opening an account, transfer funds, pay
bills,check account balance, loan balances, check ATM card
status, check book status, pay bills,get your one time
password(OTP) get your internet banking login details,buy
airtime or data and even carry out some major bank
transaction using your mobile phones.
While carrying out some of this transactions you don’t
necessarily need to have a mobile phone that is connected to
the internet,all you need to have access to at all times is the
mobile number that is linked to your GTBANK account,the
*737* transfer code and the last four digit of your Gtbank
Naira Mastercard.
GTBank *737*: Top 15 Banking
Transactions You Can Perform Using The
1. Transfer Money To Another GTbank Bank
You can transfer money from your GTBank account to another
GTBank account,simply dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account
Number# from the phone number linked with your GTBank
account,after dialing the code, follow the on screen prompts.
You will be required to input the last 4 digit number on your
GTBank Naira master card or 737 pin to complete the transfer.
This service doesn’t incur any service charge.
2. Transfer Money To Another Bank Account
Simply dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# from
the phone number linked with your GTBank account and
follow the on-screen prompts.

You will be required to input the last 4 digit on your GTBank
Naira mastercard.
You should note that you cannot transfer more than N200,000
daily and will be charged N52 Naira.
3. Open A GTBank Account
You can easily open a GTBANK account from the comfort of
your sitting room.
All you need to do is to dial *737*0# and follow the on screen
prompts,however there are limitations to this account which is
that the maximum deposit per transaction is N50,000 naira
and the maximum account balance is N300,000 Naira,this
account however can be upgraded by presenting a
government issued ID card such as a national ID card at any
GTBANK closest to you.
After dialing this code and following the on screen
prompt,your new GTBank account number will be sent to you.
4. Buy Airtime/Credit & Data
With Gtbank’s *737* service,you can easily buy recharge card
for your self or family members,all you have to do is to dial
*737*amount# with phone number linked with your GTB

Example: dial *737*1000# to buy N1000 airtime.
Dial *737*Amount*Recipient’s number# to buy recharge card
for a friend or family.
Dial *737*4# to buy data for yourself and your friends.
You will need to input the 4 digit of your atm card to complete
this transaction.
This service works for MTN,Glo,9mobile and Airtel
subscribers,you should note that there is a daily recharge limit
of N10,000 Naira.

5. Check Your GTBank Account Details
To check your GTBank account details simply dial *737*6*1#
on a mobile phone number linked to your GTBank account and
follow the on screen prompts.
6. Generate GTBank OTP
You can easily generate a one time passport by dialing
Follow the prompt and input the last six digit of your Gtbank
naira mastercard. The generated OTP code is valid for 2
7. Pay Subscription TV Bills
You can easily pay your television bills,for example you can
pay for your startimes

subscription by dialing *737*37*Amount*Decoder Number#.
8. Request For Gtbank’s Internet Login
You can retrieve your Gtbank’s Internet Login details by dialing
*737*6*5# and following the on screen prompt to retrieve
your mobile internet banking login details.
9. Reactivate Inactive / Dormant Gtbank Account
To reactivate your GTBANK account that you have not been
using for a long time ie a dormant account all you need to do
is to simply dial *737*11# from the phone number linked with
your bank account.
Input your bank verification number / office code,press 1 to
skip a step,proceed to recharge N100 to complete the
10. Pay For Electricity Bills
GTBANK customers can als pay their electricity bills using the
*737* service.
Customers can recharge their meter up to 1 million Naira
daily,all you need is your meter number and the specific codes
for recharge.
Listed below are the recharge codes of some of the electricity
generating companies in Nigeria.
*737*50*Amount*95# > Port Harcourt Prepaid
*737*50*Amount*96# > Port Harcourt
*737*50*Amount*94# > Kano Postpaid

*737*50*Amount*151# > Eko Prepaid
*737*50*Amount*152# > Eko Postpaid
*737*50*Amount*137# > Ibadan Prepaid
*737*50*Amount*93# > Kano Prepaid
More Disco’s will be added soon.

11. Withdraw Cash Without ATM Card
GTBank customers can also withdraw cash without being in
possession of their ATM card. Simply dial *737*3# > enter
amount to withdraw > enter last 4 digits on the ATM card or
737 pin.
12. Check GTBank Loan Balance
Dial *737*6*2# and follow the prompt.
13. Check GTBank Card Status
Dial *737*6*3# and follow the prompt.
14. Check GTBank Requested Cheque Book Status
Dial *737*6*4# and follow the prompt.
15. Borrow Salary,Airtime & Funds
People that receive their monthly salary via GTBank can
borrow up to N5000 Naira airtime and 50% of their monthly
salary,which will be payed back at the end of the month.
This feature is available to customers running a GTBank salary
To borrow airtime:-
Dial *737*8*1# and follow the on screen prompt.
To borrow your salary:-
Dial *737*8*2# Protection Status