Alex Jones Net Worth, Biography, Career, Controversies

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Alex Jones Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Education, Personal Life, Family, Controversies


Alex Jones profile summary
Full name: Alexander Emerick Jones
Age: 45 years
Date of birth: 11th February 1974
Horoscope: Aquarius
Birthplace: Austin, Texas
Profession: Radio host and film Producer
Notable work: InfoWars and Alex Jones Show
Nationality: American
Spouse: Kelly Jones
Children: 4
Net worth: $10 million.

Alex Jones Biography

Alex was born as Alexander Emerick Jones. His date of birth is 11th February 1974. Currently, he is 45 years old and yet full of controversies longer than his age. His career involves him as a radio presenter for his Austin, Texas radio show known as “The Alex Jones Show.” The show is broadcasted through the Genesis Communication Network. This enables all American listeners to tune in.

Internationally, the podcast can be streamed online. He also owns one of the most controversial website named “InfoWars, NewsWars, PrisonPlanet, among others. Just from the names of the sites, you can only imagine the type of news to find there. The Dallas born and raised radio host has been in the podcast business since the 1990s.

Alex Jones Controversies

If Jones could have been a superhero, I bet he would call himself “Super Controversy.” His list of controversy theories include The Sandy Hook Elementary School killings, government gun control, Government planning the Oklahoma City blast, September 11 invasions, and even the NASA moon landing. He is also known for his theory of the formation of “New World Order” by a combination of government heads.

How much is Alex Jones worth?


$10 million is quite an impressive net worth to own in such dragging economic times. Despite a significant number of people who despise Alex Jones, believe me when I say that they admire his creative “money making” deals. He is thought to source a good amount of his income through his active internet and social media platforms. These include his website, his radio show program, and not forgetting his YouTube channel.

Taking a look at the American conspiracy theorist social media accounts, he owns one of the most active accounts. A good example is his Twitter account that is always buzzing with new posts from time to time. In an ordinary day, you can find an average of 5-8 posts. This is through his Twitter handle @alexjonesshows under the name Alex Jones Podcast. He continually shares content concerning his radio podcast sessions. He has an impressive follow-up of 46,700 twitter followers. He also shares his various videos concerning his website and converses with his followers.

In his previous YouTube channel, Alex Jones had a dedicated number of followers who enjoyed his conspiracy news and controversial videos. According to “The Verge,” Alex had more than 2.4 million YouTube subscribers. Can you imagine the kind of revenue he got from YouTube?Unluckily, Jones YouTube channel was deleted by YouTube based on not following the terms and conditions.

InfoWars is believed to be one of the significant sources of Alex Jones net worth. The website is known for its “Far-right” American government related fake news. It also bears in-depth information concerning Alex Jones conspiracy theories. Did you know that InfoWars has been in existence for the last 20 years? It was launched back in the year 1999 and is run under what is known as “Free Speech Systems LLC.”

The website is estimated to have a large viewership that surpasses over 10 million views in 28 days. When InfoWars is compared to various large-news broadcasting websites, InfoWars beats them in terms of views. These include website like The Economist, Newsweek among others. Despite his high source of revenue from his website, Alex does not see himself as a business person. He describes himself to be a “revolutionarist.”

Business and Career

“What is Alex Jones net worth?” is a question that many media personnel, journalists, followers, and critics can only estimate. This is given to the fact that InfoWars is registered as a limited-liability firm. This means that the website is not obligated by the state to file its annual income sources. The American radio presenter is believed to use his InfoWars network as his primary source of income.

How much does Alex Jones make in a year?
A look at the content being aired by the website to the viewers, you will notice that Jones runs his advertisements for most of the time. The site is known for advocating and feeding its viewers with information concerning “health enhancement products” and “Survivalist products.” As 2013 approached, Alex Seitz, the brainchild behind Salon, did his calculations and concluded that Alex Jones cashes in 10 million U.S dollars per year.

The calculation resulted from adding all the revenue Jones gets from InfoWars website advertisement, his YouTube page subscriptions, combined with his podcast commercials. To add on that list, Salon went further to say that Jones net worth was also much promoted through his merchandise sale. These include revenues from DVD selling platforms and fashionable branded cloth wear.

From 2013 onwards, Alex Jones is recorded to add a new supplementary product to his business. He described the supplements to have the ability to increase human cognitive functions. Currently, Alex generates his money by advertising and offering his diverse diet supplementary to his large number of listeners. He runs the business alongside Dr. Edward F. who comes from the state of Houston.

According to 2014 revenue statistics, Alex Jones businesses were responsible for producing over USD 20 million in one year. New York Times highlighted on some of Alex Jones court confessions concerning his net worth. These included the high revenue Alex received through his website. In 2014, the revenue income was so high that Alex and his wife could easily manage to invest in a luxurious swimming complex apartment.

The complex would have been inclusive of a huge waterfall and a state of the earth kitchen and dining room. Based on the American conspiracy theorist 2014 court revelation, Alex was considered to be a big spendthrift. He confessed to purchasing a total of 4 expensive Rolex watches in 24 hours. The couple also possessed silver and gold coated ornaments that were valued at $752,000, guns valued at $50,000, among other expensive souvenirs.

Sources of Alex Jones net worth 2019

Currently, answering the question of Jones income has become even more complicated. This follows his significant loss of social media and internet platforms. Unlike the previous years, 2018 is the year which Jones controversies worked against him. February 2018, he was against the law for sexual harassment cases against his employees. He came out with one of his theories that it was an attempt by the U.S federal government to spoil his reputation “false flag.”

Following BBC’s alerts to other social media concerning Alex violations, YouTube was the first to delete the content of his website on 24th July 2018. YouTube stated that the videos by Alex were against its legal policies. Facebook followed suspending his FB account (27th July 2018). Others included Stitcher Radio.

The conspiracy theorist suffered a massive blow on 6th August 2018. Top social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify) permanently deleted his contents. Pinterest, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and Periscope went ahead to deled Alex Jones accounts. PayPal also threatened to stop making any monetary transactions based on Alex Jones inappropriate involvements. Despite all these, he is still estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

Alex Jones is what English wise men could refer to as “A Jack of all trades.” He is popularly known for his controversy theories that raised mixed reactions. Love him or hate him; we all agree that he was and is good at what he does. Controversy! Alex Jones net worth is believed to be USD 10 million.


As a media figure, Jones knows how to keep his personal details under the radar; information regarding his early love life is not known. Nevertheless, it is known that he was previously married to Kelly Jones in 2007 and that the union produced three children; two daughters and a son. Following his father’s footsteps, his son Rex Jones was part of the Infowars team.
His marriage to Kelly packed up when they signed the divorce papers in 2015 after which she demanded sole custody of their kids as she claimed that her husband wasn’t emotionally sane. Eventually, she was granted joint-custody of their children and was given the right to choose where her kids would reside. At the moment, it is still unknown if Jones is in a relationship or still single, as he has managed to keep his relationship away from the media eye.

Is He Gay?

Jones became a subject of gay rumors following his low-profile personal life details, especially because no one can easily dictate his relationship status. Meanwhile, part of the reason Jones Facebook account was removed was as a result of his violation of the hate speech policy; he was cited to have made transphobic comments among others. As it stands, there is no concrete evidence to prove that the famous radio personality is involved in a love affair with someone of his own gender.