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Hello guys!

Been reading up reactions and comments concerning the new upgrade and I understand how bad you all feel about not being paid and what’s forward!

I learnt many of you actually didn’t read to understand but to criticize!

I explained how the Nars revenue is gotten from and why it happened the way it happened but many of you actually skip that part only to pour your anger!

Have you asked yourself how the N1000 seed sown mutiplies to the thousands you have in your dashboard?

I explained about how the source of the nars revenue which is placement of adverts on our website gone the wrong way and how we trying to get it back !

Now 90% of members we have are actually those who solely depends on nars earnings and this whole stuffs seems like it fell on all due to the large number of those who are nars earners!

We didn’t say you won’t be paid, payment would be done simultaneously till all get cleared! I am sure this isn’t too hard to understand?

Is that what you call a scam?

If it were a scam I wouldn’t be here briefing you all, why not read to understand the message?

Note>> it’s not compulsory you join Nldairy, it’s only for those who are interested and not for everybody!

I never said it’s a MUST you join, I only brought it as a way forward to avoid slow down of activities since or having to know the larger proportion of non-referrals we are members!

Naijalift still exists
Nldairy still on board!

We only only thought it wise to create something fair enough to cover those who ain’t good in referring and wants to join a platform where you could get paid without referrals!

We also reshuffled and try to make sure this time your earnings are paid in full this time in Nldairy (which some complained about in Naijalift )

So no one is actually forcing out the sign up fee for Nldairy, you can still keep being a member of Naijalift!

Again, for those of you who don’t understand what NARS stands for “Naijalift advertising revenue share ”

Pay attention to the “ADVERTISING REVENUE SHARE” .. what does it depicts?

It means you are entitled to a portion of our advertising revenue share ”

Now I explained that the “advert revenue ” is been frozen /flagged out for some technical reasons. . I hope you understand this?

So why stay in the dark when there is a light?

Should we keep accumulating funds here In where there could be a better way out? #thinkaboutIt

I mean well for everyone here and this wasn’t the goal ! The goal was to eradicate poverty from Nigeria and create financial giant but there are actually port holes in every success journey!

Since inception (in the space of three weeks ) we have paid out over 1.2million to members and this is what we wanna continue till jesus comes!

Nldairy launches on Monday 15th April 2019!

Naijalift still in existence (only those with at least 2 referrals for now could get paid )

All pending nars earnings would be paid! !

While if you want a platform where you don’t need to refer before getting paid then NLDAIRY is for you as we have cut short all shortcomings to ensure sustainability!

We are sorry for the inconveniences!

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231 Replies to “A MUST READ

  1. Pls even though u not giving me d earnings, u kindly return my 1000, to be kindred I even borrow d 1000 to do dis stuff , and dis is my first time of doing dis online stuff and u spoil everything, I wasted my sub, my time, is unfair o like seriously, and u expect me to join ur diary or a what, I don’t think so, is better u pay our money o , especially for d first timer.

  2. We also reshuffled and try to make sure this time your earnings are paid in full this time in Nldairy (which some complained about in Naijalift )

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