60 Benefits of reading your bible daily


1. It teaches us forgiveness.
2. It brings us joy.
3. It provides clarity to/about many things.
4. It opens our eyes to see.
5. It directs our steps.
6. It teaches and demonstrates love.
7. It teaches mercy.
8. It gives us strength.
9. It blesses and teaches the way to be blessed.
10. It counsels.
11. It revives.
12. It gives us courage.
13. It sheds light in the dark.
14. It breathes life into that which was dead.
15. It heals our body from any form of diseases, either physical, health wise, spiritual etc.
16. It delivers us from evil.
17. It offers a better solution to every problems.
18. It shows the better way to access God.
19. It transform lives.
20. It keeps us focused.
21. It pushes us forward.
22. It guards my thoughts.
23. It fights temptation.
24. It provides peace.
25. It builds better relationships.
26. It provides a greater perspective.
27. It empowers.
28. It changes our outlook.
29. It fills our mind with affirmations.
30. It gives us confidence.
31. It reminds us of who we are.
32. It feeds our soul.
33. It sets us free from deceits.
34. It satisfies our thirst.
35. It organizes our priorities.
36. It motivates us to help others.
37. It relieves stress.
38. It exchanges our guilt for His grace.
39. It helps us conquer addictions.
40. It helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle.
41. It teaches us stewardship.
42. It keeps us out of debt.
43. It helps us discover our purpose in life.
44. It equips us to live out our purpose.
45. It settles our anxieties.
46. It arms us with truth.
47. It strengthens our
relationship with God and man.
48. It preserves.
49. It protects.
50. it help us know the will of God.
51. It sanctifies.
52. It makes us to know the mind of God.
53. It helps us walk in the light as he is in the light.
54. It help us walk in righteousness and holy.
55. It makes us have God’s Spirit and be like him.
56. It help us not to sin.
57. It makes us wise as we interact with others.
58. It help us to be patient and self controlled.
59. It makes us live long on earth
60. It makes us please God and enjoy eternity.

*Be a Bible reader

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