What Some Nigerian Girls Go Through In Europe To Survive

A Nigerian lady in Europe named precious was interviewed recently where she narates what nigerians go through to survive in Europe.

In her words, the Madam who took her to Europe threatened to deport and report her if she doesn’t pay some certain amount of money and meanwhile she didn’t have any choice than to go into prostitution.

She said when she started she cried bitterly but she didn’t have any choice than to do what others are doing. She also shares some of her experience with some white men how they release strange things into the condom they use for them.

In her words with the presenter, she went to Europe with illegal documents and thats why she is scared of being deported.

In the clip shared, the houses where they live in are shown, and how they live their life over their. See some photos from the clip below

Watch the Video below

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