5 top budgeting tips we hope you’ll love too

Budgeting doesn’t always sound like the most interesting thing to do with your time but it is the key to living your life how you want to. If you budget well and are able to do so consistently you will find that you have more freedom to live how you wish, you also set a fantastic example to those around you. Here are our 5 top budgeting tips that we hope you will love!

1. Bring in the experts

Whether you’re after online help or you need to speak to someone face-to-face there are people trained to help. They will offer non-judgmental help and advice tailored specifically to your circumstances. Click here for further information.

2. Follow wisely

Make sure that you follow the people on your social media accounts who inspire you to be better. Don’t follow influencers who are encouraging you to feel inadequate.

3. Earn more

Try getting a second job. It might be that you can earn a little on the weekend with a bar job or perhaps you can spend some time in the evening completing online surveys. This can be a nifty little way of making some more money and although you won’t get paid a lot for each job, a little bit each day will add up.

Maybe you are nifty with a sewing machine, and you can create something like jewellery using a durston product to sell at local fairs. Or perhaps there is a work from home job that you could do in the evenings? Whatever it is, even if it isn’t making a lot of money, it still adds up over time.

4. Look at your email subscriptions

One of the best budgeting tips we have is to unsubscribe from any emails from companies you like. This sounds counter-intuitive, after all you want to know if there is a sale, don’t you? Well, maybe you don’t. If you weren’t going to buy it at full price, then you really don’t need it with a small percentage off. Trust me when I tell you that this is a game-changer. You will feel way less pressure to make impulse buys if you unsubscribe and avoid all temptation.

5. Plan

Make sure you plan your spending rather than buying on impulse. Impulse buys or purchases made without proper consideration are not going to help your budget. Often these are the purchases that give us some feelings of guilt shortly after. Compare that to making a conscious effort to save for something special and you’ll feel proud for having not blown your budget. If you’re thinking about your footprint on the world then this will help reduce the number of items you send to landfill each year.

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