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Budget friendly ways to update your teenager’s bedroom

Teenagers seem to use their bedrooms as an expression of themselves. It is a difficult time for many child/parent relationships and there is a tendency for the teenager to feel unheard. Money for most of us is a huge consideration and dictates what we can and can’t do for our children, regardless of what we might like to be able to do. There are, however, some budget friendly tips we would like to share with you so that you can update your teenager’s bedroom without breaking the bank.

Grab your paintbrush!

It might seem obvious but paint is a brilliant starting point for updating a room. I would advise letting your teenager make the choice on colours, and, with it being paint, you’ll always be able to cover it up again once their taste moves on to something less garish or less of a statement. I know that black walls aren’t what most of us would want in our bedrooms but you’ll earn top parenting points for being open minded. Make sure that you consider paint the skirting boards too and although cutting in can be tricky when painting, especially with darker colours, try to take your time with it and get it right!

Art Art Baby!

Wall art in general is a great way to add a personal touch to a wall and when you’re looking at something for your teenager’s room adding some posters to their walls is an inexpensive way to update their room. There are so many posters you can choose from to help your teenager create their ideal bedroom with a focus on expressing their likes, hobbies and interests.

Fab new furniture?

Updating the furniture might be worth looking at too. There are lots of clever and creative options for bedrooms that don’t need to cost the earth. Now might be the time to consider upgrading the bed to something bigger – your teen will love you for this. Even a small double bed might be worth looking at. If storage is an issue, try looking for a bed with a lift up section for extra room or even a cabin style bed so that you can have a desk below it?

Accessorise all the way!

Accessories and soft furnishings can always change the look and feel of a room. There are so many shops selling on-trend accessories. Try looking for a new duvet cover set, cushions or curtains. Changing carpet can be expensive depending on the size of the room but incorporating a new rug will update the look.

Lighten up…

Lighting is something to consider too. Touch lamps and lamps which change colour might add to the feel of the room. Maybe look at lights for bedtime reading which cut out the blue light to help your teen get a good night’s sleep.

I hope you enjoy these tips? There are so many things you can do when it comes to updating a teenagers bedroom. Just make sure you get them involved too, even if it is just choosing between two different prints for example, or asking them which colour palette they would like to go with?

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