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Tips for creating a stylish and practical home office

Thanks to the Pandemic home working became a necessity for many people across the country. With most companies needing to make quick adjustments to their working practices, employees also found themselves in unchartered waters. As the months wore on it became evident that those of us trying to work from kitchen tables and chairs were not quite as comfortable as they were when they had been sitting in the office using their ergonomic office chair and height adjusted desk or computer screen.

There was a surge in people needing to create their own office within their own home, whether this was in a corner of a bedroom or the box room. Of course if your requirements change, then moving house could be an option too. Just make sure you hire a reputable moving company or services in which every region you live in.

Whilst life seems to be returning to normal it isn’t there yet for a huge number of people and there is still a demand for home-working and a better work life balance. Here are our top tips for creating a stylish and practical home office:

1. Choose a comfortable chair

An adjustable ergonomic chair is your starting point. Given the hours that we spend at our desks this is a necessity. It doesn’t need to be pretty, although it is obviously a bonus if it is! You will need to be able to adjust the height and support your back. Also think about getting a plastic floor mat to enable your chair to move if needed, it will give you a hard surface and protect your floor. There are some fantastic options out there these days.

2. Consider storage

You’ll want to think about where you’re going to store your office files and other essential items. If you’re moving between your office and home office then take a look at Smartbox storage which gives you the handy option to carry files and documents between office storage cabinets and your desk comfortably. You will want shelving or drawers to keep printer paper in, spare ink cartridges and other office paraphernalia.

3. Assess your space

This is a key point. You will want to measure your space well to ensure that the desk you buy will fit, but also that you can make the most of the space available. You will need somewhere for a printer and your computer/laptop screen or multiple screens. It is amazing what you can do with smaller spaces these days. Printers can be really compact and laptops / screens are so sleek.

4. Extras

There are other considerations such as the amount of light your desk will have, you might need to look for a desk lamp or you might need an anti-glare filter on your screen. Noise cancelling headphones might be a worthwhile investment to help you concentrate. Or perhaps look at adding a stylish rug if you have wooden or vinyl flooring? Whatever you decide to add, just think carefully beforehand and try to keep things to a minimum. Less is very often more!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for creating a stylish and practical home office. If you have any tips to share too, please do let me know in the comments below…

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