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Sponsored Post 1st March 2018

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Sponsored Post 1st March 2018


Yes, you can actually make up to 30 weekly on Naijalift if you understand how this business works!

This is not a ponzi scheme or money-doubling scheme where magic happens with less or no efforts, but this is actually something yielding and profitable that could earn you a huge sim weekly. .

We actually pay you for doing couple of things on our website. .

You get paid for daily login (N50)

You get paid for reading news and commenting (N5)

You get paid for sharing our sponsored post ( 100N)

You also get paid when you invite your friends to join this amazing platform (N600 for each)

We also do weekend giveaways to our active users

We also have a discussion lounge where a topic is put out and the best comment goes away with 500 naira airtime

Putting all the above mentioned you can actually see you can earn a reasonable amount of money weekly?

Please also note●●● referral isn’t compulsory we also pay those without referrals but you must comment constructively and commendable else you won’t get paid.

We notice some users just open a news without reading, they are always in a haste to accumulate earnings hence they rush everything and comment out of the context (hope you know our eyes are on you? . We are watching you like big brother)

For those having issues with referring these tricks would help you out>>

1● you must have a zeal (you must be hungry about wining souls to spice up your earnings )

2● you must understand fully well how Naijalift works, you can’t give out what you don’t know )

3●● you must get your presentation and write ups, including other enticing materials right, this would help you)

4●● you must learn how to tell one or two persons, be ye an advertiser of the gospel ( don’t be ashamed of telling your friends and anyone you could tell about naijalit and reasons why they should be a member

5● You must learn how to persevere ( that’s the spirit )

I hope these above mentioned points would increase your affiliate marketing prowess? We hope so!!

Remember the minimum withdrawal is 3000naira and earnings paid weekly ( while for non referrals, it’s 4000 paid once in two weeks )
Withdrawals are on Saturdays!

Tell one, tell all! Naijalift is here to stay! !!

Kindly click on the share icon and share, make sure you comment and share!!


Happy earning!

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