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Who is the Owner Of Google, How Google Was Founded, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Sundar Pichai And Their Net Worth Complete Story

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Google is one of the most richest company in the world, the rank Top 3 richest company in the world.Alphabet Incorporation was created as a restructuring plan of
Google in 2015. Therefore, Alphabet Inc. became a parent
company of Google. The executive roles of the company were
taken by Sergey Brin – President and Larry Page – CEO. The
alphabet is one of the largest companies in the world with
total assets of 197.29 billion dollars.
This company is a direct owner of all Google products that
you see today. The portfolio of Alphabet Inc. also includes:Calico
Google Fiber
Nest Labs Waymo X

Who is the owner of Google

These are the CEOs and owner of GoogleLarry Page
Sundar Pichai
Eric Schmidt
Sergey Brin

Larry Page

Larry Page And How Google was founded

Stanford is where the first seeds of Google began.
Page needed a theme for his dissertation, and
decided to focus on the internet, and more
specifically how web links work and function
together. In doing this, he would end up partnering
with a fellow Stanford grad student in his classes:
Sergey Brin. This research project came to be known
as “BackRub.”
Because Page’s focus on web linking was on the
mathematical elements of it, he saw the structure of
links as a graph. He created a web crawler for back
links, and then he and Brin developed an algorithm to
determine the importance of links and websites. This
algorithm, PageRank, is still one of the algorithms
used in Google today.
Page and Brin saw the project’s potential as a search
engine by how it could determine the most useful
website for a query. After tinkering with it to improve
it and having it hosted on Stanford’s website, in 1998
the two officially incorporated Google, Inc. Over the
next few years, Google grew and expanded rapidly as
one of the biggest successes of the dot com boom.
The algorithm indexed more and more websites, and
the site grew as much as the company did.
Page was the first CEO of Google and assumed that
role through 2001. To assuage the fears of some
new investors putting tens of millions of dollars into
the company, Page agreed to step down as CEO and
become President of Products. Page was replaced by
then-Chairman Eric Schmidt, who had more
experience in the role of CEO in his career. Though
he was no longer CEO, Page still had a great deal of
input in the company’s operations as one of the
original founders. And no longer being CEO certainly
didn’t stop Page from becoming a billionaire, which
he did upon Google’s IPO in 2004.
In addition, in his new position Page still had say in
decisions that became incredibly successful for the
company. For example, he was integral to Google’s
acquisition of Android, which went on to become one
of the primary mobile operating systems in the world.
During this decade Google also acquired a relatively
new video-hosting website named YouTube.
After a decade, Schmidt stepped down as CEO, and
Page took over the role once again in 2011.

Larry Page’s Net Worth

Larry Page is, as of March 4, 2019, said to be worth approximately $52.4 billion, at least according to real-time information from Forbes . Per the most recent Forbes 400, Page ranked sixth among the richest people in the country. Page only trailed Jeff
Bezos , Bill Gates , Warren Buffett , Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison.
Interestingly, Page is worth slightly more than Brin, his co-founder who currently works as the president for Alphabet Inc. As of this writing, Forbes estimates Brin is worth $51.3 billion.

Sundar Pichai

He is a new CEO of Google Inc. Prior to this Job offer, he
worked at McKinsey. Pichai also served as a Senior Vice
Presidents of products for the Android operating systems of
Google. He is also one of the main shareholders of Google
corporation. He has 19,586 of Class A shares and 136,664 of
Class C shares.

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is originally from Moscow, but his parents
emigrated to the USA from the Soviet Union. Computer
science was one of the fascinating things for young Sergey
Brin. That’s why he studied this discipline in Stanford. While
studying at Stanford for PH.D., he met Larry Page. This pair of
scientists developed a search engine that was going to
change the world.
They created Google in 1998, but both became billionaires in
2004 when Google went public. For today, Sergey is the
president of Alphabet. According to Bloomberg, his net worth
reaches $56.1 billion. He owns 19.3 million Class C Capital
His residence is Los Altos in California. One of the most
interesting facts about him is his official salary in Google. Did
you know that it’s only 1 dollar per year?

Eric Schmidt

He is an American entrepreneur and software coax that served as the Executive Chairman for Google. He was in this
position up to 2017.
Eric Schmidt is one of the shareholders of status C Google Stock. He owns about 27,000 shares for C class, and he also
owns about 27,000 shares of A Class. According to Bloomberg, the add up mesh significance of Eric Schmidt capitals is
$14.5 billion.
Schmidt moreover the chairman of the colorless household Defense
Innovation Board. The focal focus of this get on is to organize the protection system of USA. Moreover, it enhances the
relationship between the exclusive and management sectors.

Google Institutional Holdings

About 70% of Alphabet group is the institutionally owned. The
biggest owner of the institutional holdings is the Vanguard
Group. This group owns $40 billion shares, approximate 40
million shares. Two Vanguard’s funds are the largest owners
of Alphabet and Google.
One company is not just one person, but a team of leaders.
Who is the owner of Google now? It’s not only one person.
The founders of the company are Sergey Brin and Eric
Schmidt. They managed to create one of the biggest search
engines in the world.
How can you explain the success of Google? It’s a constant
development of its values and products, that’s how you can
create the most successful company in the world!

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