Electrical And Mechanical Engineering Job In Dogans Sugar Limited

Job Details
Evaluates mechanical systems, products, components, and
applications by applying knowledge of electricity and materials.
Confirms system’s and components’ capabilities by testing
Develops mechanical products by studying requirements; researching
and testing manufacturing and assembly methods and materials.
Develops manufacturing processes by designing and modifying
equipment for building and assembling mechanical components;
soliciting observations from operators.
Assures product quality by designing mechanical testing methods;
testing finished products and system capabilities.
Prepares product reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing
information and trends.
Provides engineering information by answering questions and
Maintains product and company reputation by complying with
federal and state regulations.
Keeps equipment operational by following manufacturer’s
instructions and established procedures; requesting repair service.
· She/he must be able to work in diverse roles within the
facility and will be required to work shifts and put in long working
· Schedule and undertake periodic maintenance on all
electrical equipment, components, and installations
· Provide prompt response to inquiries whenever there is a
breakdown, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible
· Ensure that equipment are in good working order so as to
prevent disruption of activities
· Installation of fresh electrical components and fittings
· Recommend replacement for old or faulty electrical
components or fittings to the management
· Assist in forecasting requirements, creating a budget and
scheduling expenses for the electrical department
· Keep record of all stock and supplies, including
company’s electrical equipment
· Working in collaboration with the production team to
formulate the best cost-effective manufacturing process
· Perform energy audit and recommend alternative sources of
energy to help the organization to reduce energy costs
· Ensure that all electrical gadgets and instruments are
switched off after close of work daily
· Fix and maintain lighting fixtures and fittings
· Troubleshoot machine breakdowns and provide preventive
maintenance services
· Provide safe working environment for members of staff,
and ensure electricity induced accidents and mishaps are prevented
· Provide 24 hours a day maintenance services or assign
technical staff to do so
· Supervise electrical works when new projects are undertaken
· Support the company in increasing profitability by
managing resources efficiently and making necessary
Job Requirements
VACANCY FOR Mechanical Engineers.
A manufacturing concern based in Lagos is keen to secure the
services of experienced professionals as Mechanical Engineers.
The Candidate must have the relevant job qualifications and
certification where applicable. Any relevant further academic/
professional qualification will be an advantage. He/she must have a
minimum of 2 years’ experience in a factory environment.
A Manufacturing concern based in Lagos is desirous of securing the
services of an experienced professional as an Electrical Engineer.
Candidate must have a good first degree in relevant course of study
and preferably a post graduate/professional qualification. He/she
must have 3 – 6 years’ experience maintenance of a manufacturing
facility in Nigeria. She/he must be able to revolve around
installation of electrical components, machines and gadgets;
maintenance of such machines as well as troubleshooting and
repairs whenever there is a breakdown. The Candidate must have
verifiable working experience.
Requirement – Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills for the Electrical
Engineer Position
· Ability to comprehend and adhere to health and safety
regulations and standards
· Ability to anticipate problems and quickly find solutions to
· Ability to analyze situations and provide prompt solutions
to challenges
· Someone who can generate innovative ideas and techniques
· A person who can single-handedly and efficiently perform
electrical installation jobs
· Someone who can supervise junior technicians and possesses
a team spirit
· A person who can quickly adapt to changes and learn new
skills and techniques.
Personal Qualities Skills Required for the Job: Compliance: Team
Management Skills, Analytical Thinking, Adheres strictly to
organizational/sector policies and procedures. Integrity and
confidentiality, Acceptability: personal style not abrasive to
colleagues or customers. Planning and organizing: ability to
establish efficient and appropriate course of action for self; strong
organizational skills. Work standards, Practical learning, Detail
Handling, Energy, Efficiency and effectiveness, Personal
organization and self-discipline, Punctuality, Attendance and

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