Ekiti Lawmaker Elect In Efon, Adegoke Olajide Appreciates Electorate


On Saturday, 9th March, 2019, I, Adegoke Olajide was declared elected as the next representative of the good people of Efon constituency in the Ekiti State House of Assembly and I hereby, wish to express my sincere gratitude to all Efons for the confidence reposed in me by sending me to Ado Ekiti to go and serve our dear community and indeed the entire Ekiti State. Let it be known that I intend to undertake this serious assignment with the greatest sense of responsibility and diligence which I can muster and I am trusting the Almighty God to grant me the divine enablement not to disappoint you all.
As your eyes, ears and voice in the State House of Assembly, I would do all within my capacity to ensure improved infrastructural and socio economic development of this constituency. I will be a servant representative who will strive to facilitate steady improvement in the standard of living of our people by drawing government attention to strategic areas of needs through innovative but effective representation. I will remain committed to productive engagement of youths and women in particular to achieve sustainable economic transformation for them because of their significant roles in building a sustainable economy and maintaining a stable polity.

There is no doubt that the contest for the office was tough and at times intemperate and schismatic especially on the social media, I however want to commend the comportment, tenacity and courage of my contemporaries who contested for this office right from the primary stage within all the political parties to my opponent in the general election, my brother, Otunba Lekan Akinyele. I urge all of them not to relent in their commitment to the advancement of our dear Efon Alaaye because that is a cause which must be beyond partisan politics or elective office. It is a task for all Efons at home and in the diaspora. This is why I adopted a campaign motto which said: “Together we can restore our values.” I also want to urge all supporters of APC and PDP to be guided by the fact that the two of us who contested the general election do not support violence. After all, Efon is one and we Efon people are all interconnected in one way or the other. Harassing and attacking ourselves does not serve the collective interest of Efon but only breeds a cycle of bitterness which will continue to fester.

In conclusion, I urged all Efon people to continue to support the Dr. Kayode Fayemi led administration which has within such a short time proved that an all-inclusive, respectable and glorious Ekiti State is achievable.

Thank you and God bless you all. Amen.

Adegoke Olajide

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