7 guaranteed ways to help you gain more energy

Do you find yourself lacking in energy?

As a parent of three young kids, I constantly find myself lacking in energy. It goes up and down depending on how much sleep I have had, busy life is and of course my diet and exercise. Over the years, I have found some great ways to grab back some energy and make myself feel in as tip-top condition as possible. I know how we feel can be determined but lots of factors outside of our control, but realistically, there are lots of thing we can do to help ourselves too…

People who are driven and have a clean lifestyle tend to have more energy those who like to sit on the couch in front of the TV, though sometimes it can be a bit of a chicken and egg thing as we sometimes want to lay in front of the TV as we don’t have any energy! Am I making sense?

So, the term ‘boost your energy’ is debatable. What you need to do is create good habits which lead to a better health – which then gives you more energy for your daily life.

In other words, you’re optimizing your energy levels. There’s only so high you can go. This is NOT a limitless ceiling. So, your goal is to remove the blockages that are impeding the energy flow in your body.

Here are 7 ways we think you can boost your energy…

1. Assess your diet

You are what you eat. If you eat junk food and processed food, you’ll end up overweight and sluggish. These foods are laden with calories but are low in nutrients the body needs.

By switching to a cleaner diet, you’ll be consuming nutritious and wholesome foods the body loves. It may take you a while to get accustomed to this new diet, but with gradual changes, you’ll get accustomed to it and you’ll be a glowing picture of health.

Another option could be to look at introducing CBD as a food supplement into your diet.  Defence CBD oil can do wonders, especially as it contains your RDA of vitamin D3 in a daily dose of 9 drops.

2. Routine. Routine. Routine.

Structure and routine will give your day-to-day life a semblance of order. This is very important for conserving energy and increasing productivity.

It may seem that structure and routine is curbing your lifestyle, but in reality, it’s giving you more freedom. This is not the military where you follow someone else’s structure.

Try the tried and tested method! Stick to the same products and accessories that work. Do you have a favourite hair straighteners? Or maybe you have an electric toothbrush that you love using. What about your blow dryer? mdlondon have an amazing BLOW hairdryer which I love to use. I know it works wonders and I know I’ll stick to using this in my routine as it works.

You get to decide on your own routine. So, you can create one that suits you well. Maybe get some regular ear cleaning by searching ear syringing near me.

The goal is to simplify your life so that you have less decision fatigue. When you make less decisions in your day to day life, you’ll have more energy for other activities.

Like Mike Murdock says, “The secret of your future is in your daily routine.”

3. Consider fat adaptation

Fat adaptation is a situation where the body burns ketones for fuel, instead of glucose. Most of us use glucose for fuel. This is why we feel sluggish when we’ve not eaten or we’re hungry. The glycogen levels in our body are depleted.

However, if you’re fat adapted, the body will just tap into its fat stores for fuel. You’ll always have access to more energy because your body has fat stores.

To become fat adapted will mean you having to go on a keto diet for about 6 months to get your body used to it. Once you do that, your body will use fat for fuel and you’ll not be subjected to the blood sugar highs and lows that come from consuming carbs.

4. Stay hydrated!

Drink 8 glasses of water daily. This is advice that has been repeated ad nauseam and yet, so many people don’t follow it.

A lack of water will leave you feeling tired and prone to illness. Drink sufficient water daily.

5. Try mediation…

Meditation is crucial for calming your mind and helping you to de-stress. The world we live in is chaotic. Meditation helps you to find peace within.

6. Develop good sleep habits

Having good bedtime habits is known as sleep hygiene. Avoid using digital devices 2 hours before bed. Have a fixed sleep schedule.

Ensure that your bedroom is cool and dark. You want your room to be conducive to good sleep. In order to have energy for the next day, you need to sleep well the night before.

Sleep is time for your body to rest, recover and recharge. Give your body the sleep it needs… and you’ll have much more energy the next day.

7. Focus on exercise…

The more you move, the more energy you’ll have. Your body was made to move. It may seem contradictory that you need to expend more energy in order to gain more energy – but that’s just the way it is.

Regular resistance training will strengthen your muscles and body. So, daily activities will be less difficult for you. You have more strength now. Life actually becomes easier.

The same can be said for stamina. With regular cardio activities, you’ll not be out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. Walking around the workplace or at the mall will not be a monumental undertaking. You’ll have more energy when activity is easier for you.

To conclude, these 7 natural methods may not seem mind-blowing or ingenious, but they work – and that’s all that matters.

Once you become proactive and take the driver seat in your life, you’ll discover that making positive changes and inculcating better habits will not only leave you feeling more energized, but your self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of satisfaction will increase by leaps and bounds.

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.


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